Virtual Dating

July 29th, 2010 by Paul Johnson

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Im really excited to blog about this new online dating site called because it has features that really revolutionary and great for the online daters. One of the biggest new features is this feature called virtual dating . I never heard of it until seeing It allows you to chat in a 3d avatar environment that you can customize to look like yourself. Its a great way to help avoid the hassle of blind dates with someone you may wind up not liking. Its done in a much more realistic fashion than a phone call or email so its a quick way to move onto the next person if you don’t like them without having to waste time on the phone or burn gas and money driving somewhere to meet someone.

Here is a quote from a reputable source on virtual dating. (European Journal of Social Psychology) – People who go on virtual dates first tend to like each other more when they meet and are two times more likely to go on a second date. Computer-based communication results in more self-disclosure, and can be more effective than face-to-face interaction at early stages of a relationship

What I like about this site is not only can you do this really cool virtual date but you can also do this create a date which is where you can have a group of people together around an event. They also have this secure video and chat done through their system. Their virtual date has a lot too it and I recommend you experience it yourself on how interactive it is. I’ve never seen such an interactive online dating service offering so much and you even get 3 months to really use the service. Most services offering far less won’t even give you 3 months for free to check out.

Right now you can open an account for free. You get 3 months total free if you upload a picture of yourself.

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