November 20th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

.I recently started seeing a T.V commercial for Don Sullivan’s The Perfect Dog: Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog. The official site is at or He also calls himself the “The Dog Father”. I admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but they had a 30 day moneyback guarantee, so I thought I would try it out.

The package comes with 2 training DVDs, Don Sullivan’s personally trademarked collar the Command Collar, and his Freedom Training Lines leashes. Don Sullivan also sales some other products at , but they aren’t included in the 60 dollar package. His 2 DVDs covers many topics, but not with enough depth I thought. There were a few helpful things in the DVDs, but most of it was just basic techniques or things I’m not sure are even the best approach to dog training. I have serious reservations about his training philosophy. He doesn’t believe in using dog treats and rewarding your dog. I don’t know where this idea came from because I and many other dog owners have had success training our dogs using treats. Dogs should be rewarded for knowing that they are doing a job well done. Another thing I don’t like about the perfect dog package is there is no book that comes along with the DVDs. It would be nice to be able to at any time sit down and look up something, without the huge hassle of having to load up your computer or DVD player and search for it.

Overall, The perfect dog system is a bit of a disappointment so I can’t give it a good review. I would recommend you just save your $60 dollars if you are thinking of buying it. I don’t think it was really worth the price. Instead I recommend a much more effective and cheaper training guide from the popular Secrets to Dog Training e-book guide. I’ve had the Secrets to Dog training book for a while and found it very helpful. I’ve never really seen any negative reviews with it like I do all the time with The perfect Dog system.

  1. Nancy Salgado on May 16th, 2011

    !!! Do not order the perfect dog system (the dvd’s dont work!!!!!

    I went on line to order The Perfect Dog training sytem through Thane. This product is a complete disapointment.

    I Ordered this program for my mom & brother for their new dog. Well, they sent me the package with the “Training DVD’s” and guess work they were blank, I contacted Thane again and they sent another set. I called them one more time and the lady told me that if this didn’t work I can send them back. This has been a true disapointment for my mom and brother. I hope they will refund me by a check because I don’t think I trust giving my card information to someone on the phone.

  2. Chenzi on May 17th, 2011

    wow… thank you all soo very much for all the reviews!!!!!!!

  3. wayne aug 2,2011 on August 3rd, 2011

    thanks now i will save $60.00 by not ordering

  4. CAROLYN on September 19th, 2011


  5. Michelle on October 1st, 2011

    I was so tempted. thanks for saving me time and frustration. My Puppy thanks you too !!

  6. Carol on October 9th, 2011

    Just saw the commercial and thought that it was too good to be true. As always, I do my research and I am soooo glad I did. Thanks for your reviews. My 12 wk old mini schnauzer is doing pretty good with treats. I’ll stick with that.

  7. Kelly on October 10th, 2011

    Thanks for the reviews. I too was about to order, though I am really skeptical about infomercials. I always research everything online. I had a rescue Basset Hound in the past I spent over $1000 on and ended up giving back to the group (who found him a home and though he was well behaved b/c their other Basset Hound was a TRUE disaster!) I’ve adopted a rescue puppy and she’s only 10 weeks, but it’s essential I have a well trained dog for the kids. I am super glad I didn’t get taken.

  8. D Behling on November 4th, 2011

    I want to start out by saying that Don Sullivan’s system does work!

    Customer Service at has to be the worst customer service around. That being said, the information in the DVDs does work; at least it has for us. The “Command Collar” and the “Training Leashes” are cheap and to replace the collar is going to set you back about $25.00.

    We have had numerous dogs over the past twenty years and have never really been satisfied with the results because our dogs always found something more exciting than the “treat”. After just a day of working Sullivan’s method our ten-month old miniature poodle showed excellent results. Growing up on a farm and exhibiting beef, dairy, sheep, swine, and horses in local, state, regional and national shows, I knew first hand that physical interventions were a useful part of animal training, but was swayed to treat training with our first dog. Living on acreage growing up, we allowed our dogs a lot of freedom and the dogs always stayed near us, moving to city with small lots, lots of laws, we went to the big box pet stores, paid our money, feed a lot of treats, but never had a dog that we could truly trust.

    Now after just a week of using Sullivan’s methods (without the collar because it broke and they won’t replace it unless we pay them $25.00 /- AND they hung up when I asked for a manager) our dog, Declan, waits until he is released to go out the back door or come in the back door. I have had a couple of sessions working on stopping at the curb, whereas he would just run into the street.

    Wait, down, sit are all fairly consistent, stay works while we are visible, but it is getting better. I used my hands to push him into the down or sit positions after giving the command a single time and giving him 2-3 seconds to comply. With our last dogs we would give them a command, tempt them with a treat, but were told by the pet store trainer not to use any force to assist the action, but to wait them out–after a few treats their “sweet (read liver) tooth” was satisfied and they decided that they could wait us out…

    The $60 (plus $15 for shipping and handling and we did NOT pay of expedited shipping, it still arrived in 5 days) was half of what the pet store charges when the recommended treats are included. The results so far have been superior.

  9. Lou on January 13th, 2012

    Wow!! I can’t believe all the people here saying thanks and giving all the kudos for the “great” reviews on this product?! There has only been about two reviews from people that have even attempted to use this system and even they look like half hearted attempts at that! Many have purchased and complained about customer service, but thats about it. Of, Those that received it, most looked at it and didn’t watch the dvd’s or try the system. Even the “22 yr long trainer” is critizing on assumptions… Customer service is usually a separate hired company and often does not reflect the practises of the produt company. People, why don’t you actually try a product before you critique and bash it. Our economy is bad enough, we don’t need people calling places scams etc. and causing more business to go under without real proof. I research everything I do before hand and I ask around and look at finished products of those talking negatively/positivley of things before I make a decision. I did the same with this product. If you actually watch the dvd’s you would find that it is a very humane system that tries to give the dog as much freedom as possible. If you actually do the system consitently then it should work. The commercial mentions 10 minute changes often (to sell it), but it does take work and can take lengnth depending on the behavior and dog and the dvd’s say that. I have my first puppy, a nine week old yellow lab, and decided to go with this system after reading many books and looking at several other systems. So far, I have had excelent results with the program. My only problem is I work nights and my young daughters confuse our pup slightly as they are not able to properly reinforce the training. But that’s not really a system problem. It could be a little less expensive, but I still think it’s an excellent system and can see a huge differnce between dogs trained similary and those that are not. Hope this helps those that want a true review. If the system does not work in the long run I’ll let you know. Otherwise, figure it worked for me and my dog and were living in happy harmony together… Lou-1/14/2012

  10. Behavioral Ecologist on February 8th, 2012

    So I am looking for 2 of these large collars. Would any of you guys who do not like this product be willing to sell me your stuff? I would be happy to buy anything you don’t want.

  11. Linda G. on March 28th, 2012

    I bought this system, got it quickly, and started using it this morning. I have a 6 mo. old lab puppy who has a mind of her own, and I was able to get her to lay down and stay the whole time I was getting ready for work. She tried to get up a few times, but I yanked on the collar, told her “No, down”, etc., and she stayed. Once the learned I meant business, she didn’t get up again until I told her she could. I am excited to finally have the tools I need to train my dog correctly. Using treats didn’t work all the time, because sometimes, you don’t have treats on you when you need them to obey. This system establishes you as the leader of the pack, and that is what they need to learn.. I am excited.

  12. Angel on April 4th, 2012

    I have trained dogs for a lot of years and always try my best to saty up tp daate and methods that are new and have worked for other people. First off every dog is diffrent. One will learn certain commands and behaviors faster than others. Every training guide/system does require consistance! The coolor used i this system is no diffrent than the Kelvin or clair color which you can purchase at a good pet store for aboyt 20.00 dollars. It is a correction color just like a chke color but with the saftey imbedded to prevent to harsh of a correction. There are good training tools available and any tool can turn into a bad tool if the owner does not know how to use it correctly. This system is ok not the best not the worst. You can always modify it a little to your individual comfort zone. Just remeber the bottom line is YOU have to be the leader of your dog, your pack. if you do not establish that role you are forceing your dog to TAKE that role and they do not feel safe as in you protecting and leading them!!

  13. Susan McNeil on July 2nd, 2012

    I ordered THE PERFECT DOG system and thought i was getting everything but i received the 2 DVD’s and the 3 leashes. i watched all of the 1st DVD and most of the 2nd DVD and all i saw was the man just talking which did not help me. I wanted to see some action as to which leash was used for each situation. My dog has always worn a collar and he has no problem with a leash so i do not know what the real short leash is for and if i left it on him he would chew it up. I spent $60.00 to buy this and yes i tried the command collar but i don’t see where that works any more than any other collar. I am disappointed and it is too late for me to return it but all i can say is that there are other programs out there that work probably better and they are cheaper. I had to learn the hard way and i agree that you need to give your dog a treat and praise him for what he does.

  14. lazy trainer on November 11th, 2012

    I was asked to write a review on the Don Sullivan training system. While the training method is quite good although old fashioned, the information presented on the dvds was very confusing. I have a feeling that a beginning dog trainer would be very frustrated as many steps in the sequence training are missing. The collar is not special. It’s a plastic pinch type collar AKA a good dog collar It works okay as long as you don’t have a hard pulling dog. These collars have a tendency to break if a heavy puller jerks on them. The leashes would be better in the dumpster. You will need to wear gloves as they will burn the crap out of your hands. I would recommend that people spend their money on a good local obedience class that has a real trainer and no gimmicks to help you.

  15. vee on April 28th, 2013

    don’t order this. i did, and over 18 days later, no product but account charged, along with other charges i knew, and know nothing about. rip off~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. no Treats on July 20th, 2013

    My Husband and I train dogs for a living. W do not recommend you give your dog/dogs treats to train. as this only tell the dog that if I do good I will get a treat after a few time you do not have a treat handy, the dog will go back to it’s negative behavior! Praise and more praise is the key to a successful training… There are no 2 dogs alike, so take a little more time than others start out 5 minutes a day 4 to 5 times a day with 1 simple command for a week before you move on to the next command to many commands will only confuse your dog!

  17. Sarah on January 11th, 2014

    I am watching the infomercial now and was just about to order it when I decided too look it up online. After reading about the poor service and poor quality I am not going to buy it. I have an eleven week golden retriever and he has been trained by using small healthy treats (cut in half) to go potty outside, sit, lay down, come, and stay. So I would say that small treats, repition, patients and “good boy” very frequently help.

  18. cd52463 on April 2nd, 2014

    I was researching this because we have an awful time with our mixed plott hound/golden retriever dogs (almost 2 years old). They have dragged my husband and I down when they get too excited. the collar didn’t look too sturdy on TV and I’m so glad I found this, I will not be spending my money on this junk. Thanks for all who commented after trying this product!

  19. Jo on April 27th, 2014

    I’m so glad I read these reviews. I was tempted to order the Don Sullivan training system and after reading that the collar has spikes inside it I have surely changed my mind. I don’t want a to torture my puppy into obedience. I think I’ll be going to puppy training class instead.

  20. Johnelle on July 20th, 2014

    Wish I would have looked this up first. I literally just placed the order for ‘the perfect dog’ system! I have a 9yr old husky-malamute mix and had her since 2months… she was easy as pie to train. I recently got a 3month girl 100% malamute. She is so stubborn and chews everything. Malamutes are definitely working dogs… she tries to pull EVERYTHING along with her. She is growing so fast too. Within 6 months she will weight more than me and be taking me on walks! I ordered this ‘perfect dog’ thing but I should have seen these posts first. I guess as soon as I get it, I might as well return it so I can get my money back. I was skeptical about the collar too. Ugh, it’s back to training the old fashioned way with treats, praise, & tons of time commitment. Thanks.

  21. Nate on October 5th, 2014

    I am so glad that I decided to check if there were any complaints regarding this product. I had just told my wife to order it for our one year old beagle, who chews and bites everything in her path.

    Thanks again for the current reviews. My wife has just scheduled our puppy to go to a local trainer instead.