Secrets to Dog Training Review

April 9th, 2009 by Paul Johnson

Secrets to Dog Training is the best selling dog behavior training program on the net. I’ve had the ebook for years and it’s helped solve a few behavior problems we had with our dog.

Secrets to Dog Training Program Overview

The main e-book of the Secrets to Dog Training program is almost 200 pages long. It is as comprehensive as it gets, with over 200 different chapters on different topics! The e-book is divided in major sections, first answering common questions for new dog owners. Then the rest of the book discusses common behavior problems and how to correct them, advanced command tricks, and dog health problems.

The author covers all the basic training and command topics plus other unique topics like; dog rivalries, how to stop your dog from eat his own poop, cat and car chasing, and family deaths, to name just a few. He also helps you with some unique training styles that I’m not familiar with using, dog whispering training technique and understanding your dog through facial and body expressions through the wolf instinct. There is so many different dog training styles out there its confusing to know who is right. Thankfully he helps clear that up by giving the pros and cons to various dog training techniques.

You will find the format of the Secrets to Dog Training e-book very easy to follow. It is written very clearly in simple terms, and there is many pictures that demonstrate the points. He also gives you the flexibility to use more than one training technique to solve problems. This is very useful because some dogs might not respond as well to certain styles of training. I found the flexibility in different techniques he offered, helpful for training my own dog effectively.

The Secrets to Dog Training package also gives you a few extra e-book bonuses for free. They give you the entire ebook in audio format. That way you can listen to the book read to you on a CD player or MP3 player. The 2nd and 3rd bonus e-books “A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression” and “All The House Training Methods & Tricks” go in more depth than the main book on answering these issues. The 4th bonus book “Dog Grooming Made Easy” covers tooth hygiene, nail clipping, fur grooming, and more. It’s the only dog training package I’ve come across that thoroughly discusses dog hygiene and grooming. The “Tips On Security Training Your Dog” book is for those who want to use their dog for security. I think the best bonus e-book given away is the “Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dog”. This e-book uses the alpha pack leader system of training. If you are a fan of the Dog Whisperer T.V program with Cesar Milan, then you will appreciate the “pack leader” training style. Finally, you get special access to the forum community available only for members who buy Secrets to Dog Training.


Overall, Secrets to Dog Training is the most comprehensive dog training program I’ve read. Secrets to Dog Training only costs 39 dollars and it’s in e-book format, so you don’t have to pay for shipping and handling. I’ve seen many dog training programs cost much more than that and that’s not including the shipping charge. I can see why this is the best selling training program because it covers every problem I’ve actually had or could of possibly had with my dog. I found Secrets to Dog Training very effective and learned many things that I haven’t read about from other training programs. You won’t get bored reading this book because it’s such an easy read. Secrets to Dog Training has a 60 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk to you for trying it.

  1. Tina on April 13th, 2009

    I bought it a year ago and I actually still go back and use it as a reference for training. I had thought my dog was a hopeless case, but it really helped my dog’s behavior.

  2. Jake Avila on April 27th, 2009

    This is a good dog training book. I recommend it to others.