Puppies for sale

July 17th, 2009 by Paul Johnson

At puppies-forsale.co.uk you can find puppies for sale and dogs for sale. It is a free classified directory for those who are looking to buy or sell dogs in the UK area. You can easily search for free by your local county to see the local listings currently of dogs for sale. You can contact the advertisements that are older than 7 days for free!

I recommend you check out their dog breed section because it gives you pictures and information about dogs. It will help give you a better informed decision on what dog to buy if your not sure yet. Also check out there RSPCA Buying a Puppy Guide , which outlines recommended guidelines before buying a puppy.

It is recommended that you contact advertisers earlier the better because usually the best of the litter is chosen first. In order to contact new advertisers within the first few days and as many as you want you can pay a small membership fee of £4.99. You can quickly advertise your dogs for sale for free, registering is very easy and only takes a few minutes. They also have a special category of adverts for stud dogs, pet insurances, and a informative blog. Please check out www.puppies-forsale.co.uk, it doesn’t cost anything to browse and contact advertisers.