Pet Bounce Review

March 1st, 2011 by Paul Johnson

Pet Bounce is a product sold at They claim to help relieve arthritis pain and other join problems for dogs and cats. They offer one bottle for free. This gives the impression that the product is good since they are so confident in giving away one product for free. However, they make some pretty bold claims and I’m going to answer the question on whether its a scam or not.

Pet Bounce is considered a homeopathic remedy. I have a lot of reservations about homeopathic remedies in general, not just PetBounce. I honestly think homeopathic remedies in general are scams. This is why I gave a negative review on another homeopathic arthritis dog spray called Dr. Franks pet pain spray. The biggest reason why I think these homeopathic remedies won’t work is because the parts per million in the solution is so small, that its basically nonexistent. It’s like one part per millions. That;s what the C and the X means when they list the ingredients in pet bounce. Its very miniscule to basically have no effect on the body. The other reason why I’m skeptical is because none of these ingredients have tons of research backing them up like your traditional joint supplements that I do recommend. Pet Bounce contains Apis mellifica, Belladonna, Caulphyllum, Colchicum autumnale, Rhus toxicodendron, Ruta graveolens, none of which Im convinced are effective join solutions that solve the root problems. Even if they were good ingredients like I said the solution is so water downed it couldn’t work as intended. Its basically placebo water.

In conclusion, I believe they give the free bottle of PetBounce away because the active ingredients are so low that they are basically selling water placebo. They can afford to have a few people not buy Pet Bounce after they give out some samples, if they get a few out of dozens to buy it because of the placebo effect. Also upon further investigation I found out they own dozens of other websites under an affiliate program with a cheap sale type landing page like PetBounce. If your looking for a dog and cat joint supplements that work well, I suggest you look at Cosequin . I have tried it on my animals and have done a lot of research on their ingredients. I go over more detail on dog joint supplements in general on one of my articles on joint supplements for dogs. Im confident Cosequin should work for most people since the ingredients are proven by lots of research, experience, and a lot of them are even used in human remedies.

  1. doug on November 6th, 2012

    Agree with you in principle.
    But my 12 year old shepard/sheltie has seemed to improve dramatically. Don’t think a dog knows about placebos though 🙂