PediPaws Review

August 23rd, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Pedipaws review
You may have seen the dog nail trimmer advertised on TV recently, called the PediPaws. PediPaws is a nail grinder that smoothly grinds off your dogs nails. This is an alternative to regular painful dog nail clipping. The product works similiar to Peticure, but at a much cheaper price. Our friend actually bought one a couple weeks ago, so I was able to see how it works.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for because it’s basically a cheap knock off of the Peticure. For those who don’t know, the Peticure is similiar to PediPaws and is also advertised on TV, before the PediPaws. In both the Peticure and Pedipaws, you have a hole you can insert the nail in to choose to grind. However, the PediPaws only has one, whereas the Peticure has many sizes. This makes it more difficult to do large dogs on the PediPaws. The PediPaws also holds less dust and there is some problems with the nail dust clogging.

In the end I lent our friend the Peticure and they could notice a much easier time doing their large dog. They are actually ordered a Peticure for themselves now. The power on the Pedipaws also is a little weaker than the Peticure, making it slower and not as smooth, especially with a large dog’s nails. Even though the PediPaws is cheaper, the difference in price is only about 20 bucks from the Peticure. Therefore, I recommend you buy instead the Peticure or even the Dremel.

You can buy the PediPaws at for a cheaper price than if you bought it direct from the manafacturer’s website. I recommend you buy it only through an independent pet store like or Walmart and not direct from the Telebrands sites (,, and, etc.) because many are complaining of ordering problems from them.

  1. Edison Wills on August 23rd, 2008

    I have both products. The pedipaws and the Peticures. Both work great, but the Pedi paws is less expensive. If you are concerned about having enough power for larger dog’s nails. There is also a pedipaws deluxe available with a more powerful motor.

  2. Mark on August 23rd, 2008

    I have been considering one of these products and the Pedipaws with its price being 50% less with a free end shedder offer seems like a great deal especially for a small-medium size dog under 30 lbs. My dog does have large paws for a small dog so maybe the more expensive Peticure would be better?
    Is there anyone else out there experienced using either of these products or both on small to medium dogs?

  3. Dog Breeder on August 23rd, 2008

    It’s a dremel!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on people. The only difference between the two is it has a stupid little cup to catch the dust. So instead of spending extra money just use a dremel.

  4. admin on August 23rd, 2008

    @Dog Breeder, most don’t already have a dremel to begin with and the Peticure is similiar priced as the dremel and is better than it too anyways.

  5. Ray on August 26th, 2008

    When they release a cover for the Dremel Tool to do this, both of these will be obsolete. Dremel will outlast both quite easily and you ccan do more than a dog’s nail’s with it.

  6. Phil on September 6th, 2008

    Hey….are there other sites selling this besides I mean I keep getting emails for it but it’s from a “” url. Just trying to avoid being ripped off. I have two large dogs so now with what’s been said on here I’m maybe thinking about going the peticure route. My lab/shepherd has elbow displasia which makes her kind of walk like a bulldog so her front nails get extremely long,etc.

  7. Elizabeth Floros on September 7th, 2008

    My dog has black nails. I need a product that will help cut the nails without hurting my dog. Which one do you recommend?

  8. Abby on September 8th, 2008

    Pedi Paws is horrible! First off I ordered well over 3 weeks ago, since they didn’t indicate how long it would take I gave them a call to check on shipping. They provided me with a confirmation order number so I thought it would be simple. I guessed wrong, she could not look my order up by my confirmation number, name, address,or phone number. Instead she wanted my credit card number. How can you not find my order with my order number??? So needless to say I canceled my order- but have to call back in 3 days since she couldn’t find it anyway. What she was saying sounded as if she was reading it from a form- obviously I am not the only one with the problem. SCAM! I will now be looking at the Peticure which I should have done in the beginning!

  9. Criss on September 14th, 2008

    Here is the link to a web page that explains in detail how to Dremel your dog’s nails:
    Don’t waste your money on the Pedicure and PediPaws devices – they are only cheap versions of the Dremel. Frankly, I don’t like the ‘protective cover’ and can view the nail for a better trim without it. Plus you can buy the sanding bands easier.

  10. admin on September 15th, 2008


    I think there are some independant distrubutors that might be selling pedi paws from different sites.

  11. Carolyn on September 16th, 2008

    Go out and buy a variable-speed Dremel at your home improvement store, and then buy the PETICURE safe guard at:
    It’s $19.95 plus shipping. It fits on most Dremels (the website will list which ones). I bought a used variable-speed corded Dremel on eBay for $25. It has all the other attachments, so that I can use it for different home projects (It’s best to buy the “variable-speed” type, so that you can use it on your pet’s nails at the lower 5,000 RPM). This, I believe is the best solution. If you’re going to pay $50, you might as well get a tool that you can use around the house. It’s come in handy for sharpening my garden shears!

  12. Meena on September 16th, 2008

    Just ordered the pedipaws yesterday but have received no information on the confirmation of the order other than the order number. No email, nothing. When I call them at their 1-800 number the phone goes dead after selecting pedipaws support. I am sckeptical about this one!

  13. ntodd on September 17th, 2008

    Ordered the deluxe pedipaws 8/11/08 – can’t get a confirmation or delivery date! Anyway I can cancel this order?

  14. Pappy on September 17th, 2008

    Damn, I read this too late !!!

  15. Kady-K on September 18th, 2008

    Wow, so glad I read this before making the decision to buy either one! The dremel I have, which I use on everything, works fantastic and I keep a supply of sanders just for my dogs! Thanks Dog Breeder!

  16. Kim on September 19th, 2008

    They sell Pedipaws at Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores for $19.99, plus you can use one of the 20% off coupons that come in the mail all the time!

  17. Dorothy on September 21st, 2008

    Does the noise from any of these products or the Dremel upset the dogs?

  18. Brenda on September 21st, 2008

    Might be a good product I don’t know, but don’t order it online. Pedipaws orders go thru a company called Telebrand who take the order, charge you but don’t ship. It has been over a month since I ordered, when I call they say I cannot have a refund until I refuse the shipment or return the product….Another scam.


  19. Trisha on September 22nd, 2008

    DO NOT order Pedi-Paws. I ordered mine today and when I noticed extra charges on my receipt I printedd off I called customer service and she told me the order would not be entered into their computer for 2-3 days and then my order would not be shipped for 3-6 weeks due to unexpected high demand for this product. I then did a little research online and found that multiple people had the same problem and had been charged for the product but never received it. I plan to see if my bank can straighten this out and if not I do plan to take legal action against this company and I urge anyone else with this problem to do the same. As for buying a legitimate product like this, I now know that Walgreens and Rite-Aid sell the Peti-cure I believe. I hope this helped.

  20. emberAZ on September 23rd, 2008

    I ordered the pet nail file. I thought it was a clipper. My 18 year old cat does NOT want his toe nails filed. It’s okay if I clip them.

    The $19.99 item really cost $35.97 because the FREE shed ender has a $7.99 postage charge as does the file. 7.99 7.99=15.98 in non-refundable charges. It cost $3.96 to send the thing back so $3.96 15.98=19.94 of NON-REFUNDABLE OUT-of-POCKET expenses for something I don’t want.

    What a ripoff!!! These people should be prosecuted.

    Thank you for listening.

  21. Linda on September 23rd, 2008

    It’s a scam. Don’t order.
    They overcharge for th s&h plus the delux is the same machine with adifferent color plastic.

  22. Cynth on September 23rd, 2008

    Whew! I’ve been waiting and waiting for my PediPaws order. Called the Customer Service twice and listened to the Muzak for a long time. Then I dug through my credit card statements and find no record of having been charged, thank goodness!! I have the order ID, but as read above, it’s no help to the service people if you ever DO get through. Thank goodness I came upon this site and got the good info. I’ll try my Dremel instead! My dog and I are sorry we waited so long for this product. This is the first time I’ve been burned by a scam. I guess it’s high time I opened my eyes!

  23. Kathy on September 23rd, 2008

    WOW! I am glad I read this before I ordered PediPaws! I think I am going for the Dremel tool
    I have a yellow lab she weighs 75 pounds and a rat Terrier who weighs in at 11 pounds, sounds like the Dremel is what I need.
    Thank you Dog Breeder

  24. Cindy on September 24th, 2008

    I ordered Pedi-Paws on August 24, 2008. While I was ordering I had an internet interruption and never received a confirmation e-mail from them. Thinking that the order did not go through, a couple of days later, I ordered Pedi-paws again and I did receive a confirmation e-mail for that order. However, both charges are now on my credit card and have not received either one to date. I have called two times and have received two different dates of when it was supposedly shipped, and then they tell you that it will take 10 to 14 days after shipment date to receive it. I have temporarily disputed the charges on my credit card until I receive an order from them. On a couple of other complaint websites there are claims that Telebrands has been know to charge a credit card and not ship the product. I have never ordered a product processed through telebrands prior to ordering Pedi-Paws, but I will not do so in the future.

  25. April on September 27th, 2008

    I went to the Pedipaws site to check it out and put in information but never completed the purchase because it seemed like a ripoff. You have to keep buying the emory board file replacement heads for it. So I never confirmed the order. Now I find they charged $103.94 to my debit account! I am so mad. I have no idea how they even got to that amount, but do not order from these people. I have disputed the charges since I never completed the transaction and that amount is ridiculous! Beware!

  26. Diane Mason on September 27th, 2008

    How I wish I had come to this site before ordering on Sept. 11. I called today to ask where the item is and she said it shipped yesterday. I asked to confirm what amount I had been charged. I was overcharged! I said at the time I ordered that I did not want the “free bonus” item because of the 7.99 shipping charge for it. They shipped it anyway and are charging me for it!! The woman I spoke to this morning just said “Well, it’s been sent, so just use it.” Can you believe that? I’m putting a hold on the charge…I’m calling my credit card company now.

  27. patti lud on September 28th, 2008

    so glad i came here first, my dog FEARS getting her nails cut. I don’t think the noise of a dremel tool will help me here..but glad I so didn’t order this product!…love feedback info..thanks people!

  28. yvette on September 28th, 2008

    I just saw the pedipaws at Walgreen’s for 19.99

  29. 3dogspatty on September 29th, 2008

    DO NOT BUY THIS PEDIPAWS……… It stinks sure it worked on my 4 pound chihuahua but not on my chinese crested and forget about the choc lab. It stopped everytime i tried to use it as soon as i put his nail in the hole. Same thing with my crested who only weighs 14 pounds. Then when i called them to let them know that it would not work for me they tried to bribe me into keeping it saying they would give me $7.00 off the price if i kept it…. OMG come on if they dont want it back what makes them think i want to keep it lol so i paid $7.99 for shipping from them and had to pay another $6.67 to ship it back they will not pay for it to be sent back. i have been using a dremel tool and will continue to do so works 100% better anyway. hope i helped anyone out with any questions about this product and the shipping took 9 weeks

  30. C Maschera on September 29th, 2008

    This company gave my credit card info to some outfit in Hopkins, MN called Membership Services who subsequently billed my Visa card 16.95 for two months in a row. These unauthorized charges appear as ‘WC Value Plus’ on your statement. I called them and threated to report them for Internet fraud and they are supposed to refund my card. Telebrands is the company who Membership Services got my card number from.

  31. ccutie on September 30th, 2008

    i ordered pedipaw and it took over 1 month for it to be delivered. i did however get it. my dog is a small dog, so i figured it would work compared to peticure…boy was i wrong….i am sending it back….maybe i can’t get use to using it or something, because i turned it on and started to file, but my dogs nails kept stoppin the spin of the tool….and then it won’t round it off as it does in the commercial…’s not as easy as it appeared on the tv…also they say to watch the video online at the pedipaw site and when i went to view it, the video was down…so i watched a video off of the peticure site….basically it’s a waste, betta off goin to the groomers and then buying a nail file and file them down on ur own… sending it back today….

  32. Barbara on September 30th, 2008

    Man oh man I found this tooo late!!! We ordered early August, when ordering doesn’t tell you total or anything until after. We too were over charged 25 dollars. Finally got through, went round and round and finally made the rep add it up. Keep receiving post cards telling us they can’t ship what we ordered BUT TO ORDER MORE at a discount lol. Man They must be crazy. Either way, well over 6 weeks, still no product, took 4 days and 6 hours to get through without being hung up on to start again. The the rep asked me what the problems was ??/ WEEELLLL lets start with not getting it?? Told me “they HOPED to ship them this week, couldn’t cancel, and could’t be sure. BEWARE BEWARE Do not order this!!!!!!

  33. Al on October 1st, 2008

    Bed Bath and Beyond has the $19.99 Pedipaws. Gonna buy it tomorrow.
    I’m also gonna use my off coupon that I get in my mail every month.

    I think for my 11 lb dog, it should work OK, at least for the price, its gotta be worth trying. She HATES getting her nails clipped.

  34. Nancy Gibson on October 2nd, 2008

    Does anyone have experience with the dremmel on cats. My daughter ordered one of these fites when they were first advertized, nothing ever came, she heard nothing from the company. I hav 5 cats and most do’t like there nails clipped. (one has to be drugged to do it. Often the nail splits though I always use my sharpest clippers, I though it might be less painful for them. Also if your cats are indoor cats there are rubber sheaths you can glue over thier nails. I use it on the nervious one so we don’t have to clip her too often.

  35. Ashley on October 2nd, 2008

    We ordered PediPaws over a month and a half ago and were waiting for the order to at least appear on our debit card statement… Then I was at Walgreens and saw it on sale for $19.99. I figured what the hell and bought it thinking, “hey now we’ll have two- I can give the other to my Mom for her Lab.”

    Brought it home, did everything the instructions said about introducing the dogs to it and holding their nails the right way while it filed. WHAT CRAP. My dogs both HATE it. It has no speed adjustment, so it’s not fast enough to be less painful, but not slow enough that it won’t rip the nail right off. My Shitzu’s nail nearly got zipped right into the covered area.

    ALSO- The one on the commercial is silent as opposed to this one which makes a loud noise like a dentists drill. Just turning it on makes my dogs go nuts, let alone trying to get them to come near the thing.

    So my boyfriend gets home and sees me on all fours with the dogs trying to coax them into trying it and says “OH It came in the mail finally! I checked last night and they finally took the money out of our account”! Which means the original one is on it’s way to our house.

    UGGHH SO now I have to find a way to return both these god awful machines. And on top of that, whatever website is selling pedipaws either sold our debit card info to some other company or is continuously charging for nothing because $15.00 charges keep coming up on our statement.

    This is the one time I wish my dogs WERE biters cause I’d bring them over to PediPaws building right now!

  36. Cliff on October 2nd, 2008

    I just got my pedipaws today. It took 3 weeks or so to get it so hang in there. It took about a week for it to even show up on my credit card. Havent used it yet. It does take batteries and they don’t bother to tell you what size and that “batteries not included”

  37. Linda J. on October 3rd, 2008

    I—- like so many others am so glad I read this before I ordered, TV makes things look so easy and great—-but as we all know TV is another way of being taken in. I for one am so sick of being riped off. Before I buy anything I check it out on line, I read all reviews. The PediPaws looked to good to be true. I—- like so many already have a Dremel—-but never considered using it to file my dogs nails, but I am going to try tonight. Again I am so glad I read this. Linda J.

  38. Rhonda B on October 5th, 2008

    Just wanted to let everyone know that you can now find the Pedipaw at CVS. I just found it there last night and bought it. I havent tried it out yet but i figured if it doesnt work it will be much easier to take it back there and get a refund then it would be to ship it back to the company. And the price is 19.99 the same as on web , but you dont have to pay shipping, so you save.

  39. Chris S. on October 5th, 2008

    We were seriously considering ordering the Pedipaws, but decided to check out other sites due to the extremely high shipping cost (40%!). Came across this website and learned about using the dremel. THANKS! We hate ordering things online, unless we KNOW if they are relaible. You have all convinced us!

  40. admin on October 6th, 2008

    I’d just like to point out that not all pedipaws websites online are scam. Pedipaws is sold through many distrubutors and even sold offline in stores. It appears that people are reporting that the ones selling through the telebrands distrubutor (which includes are not getting their product right now.

  41. Brandy on October 7th, 2008

    I just wanted to say that you can buy PediPaws at Walgreens and other stores. I would buy it there before buying it on the internet. I am not going to buy this thing at all now. I appreciate people offering advice.

  42. Thomas on October 7th, 2008

    “WOW! I am glad I read this before I ordered PediPaws! I think I am going for the Dremel tool
    I have a yellow lab she weighs 75 pounds and a rat Terrier who weighs in at 11 pounds, sounds like the Dremel is what I need.”

    I have a yellow lab that is 65 and a rat terrier that is about 35#s!!!!!(she must have a gland problem!)

    Got my Pedi-Paws yesterday. Dogs are afraid of it, so it will take some training. I got the “premium”
    and it doesn’t seem too heavy duty. The lab’s nails would stop it. When ordering, I found that the “free” product had shipping attached – not sure how much that was. There were numerous attempts to bump up the price. No word about the product until it arrived, and in a box that looked like it was from World War II-era packaging (waxy-looking box from China). That is why you don’t know when it is coming – because it arrives on a junk. How fitting.

  43. Laura on October 7th, 2008

    I, too, found this site too late. I bought Pedipaws today at CVS (atleast I didn’t pay shipping.) I immediately came home and followed the instructions for my boxer who HATES her nails being touched. The treats helped her get through it – she didn’t seem to mind it much so I actually completed all four paws. BUT, the tool was not powerful enough and kept stopping thru the WHOLE PROCESS. I think I’ll take it back for refund. BTW…consumer advocates advise that you not use debit cards for online purchases because you give the world access to your bank account.

  44. Jennifer on October 7th, 2008

    FYI. If you want to try out the Pedipaws, CVS pharmacy now sells them in there stores now for 19.99.

  45. Jacky on October 10th, 2008

    I agree with Paul that Peticure is a far superior product to PediPaws. After owning a Peticure, and having great success with it, I went to see the PediPaws at CVS and it looks much cheaper. Most of the products you see at places like CVS and Walgreens are cheaply made. Also, Peticure seems to be branding themselves as more than just this one product. They are now offering a pet treat, that sounds really healthy, to help reward your pet for grooming their nails.

  46. Anna on October 10th, 2008

    I love this tool. Sure its just a dremel, but I like the protective cover and I am a fan of the less powerful motor. I would rather be able to stop the head if I accidentally push too hard than have my dogs nails filed too fast and too far down. It works fine on my adult dogs nails (15lb dog, but has good size nails). My puppy, it doesnt work so well, probably because the nail tips are still so small, sharp and fragile. I would recommend this tool. Its not as bad as some of these reviews make it out to be

  47. Brad on October 11th, 2008

    The PediPaws basic is worthless. Don’t waste your money. It’s very underpowered. It can’t even file down a dachshund’s nails.


  48. Laura on October 12th, 2008

    Wow I am too glad I found this site. Was going to order online, but remembered that Walgreens sells many as advertised on tv items. But, I’m still confused as whether it’s any good or not. I have cats instead of dogs, so maybe it works better on cats. Any suggestions? Some say it works great, many say it’s no good. Like most said, no s&h at walgreens & easier to return.

  49. virginia smith on October 12th, 2008

    Had credit card in hand,ready to get pedi-paws.
    After reading the stories,decided to try the dremel this week.didnt know about the hidden charges,typical,. Getting tired of these inferor products from china.this is one product i wont have to buy

    Thanks very much

  50. Lucille on October 13th, 2008

    I did not buy the PediPaws off of the ads on TV simply because I refused to be charged additional shipping/handling for the FREE BONUS item they wanted to send .. But, I did buy the PediPaws at Walgreen’s last week when they advertised it for $19.99. I am considering taking it back. My dog is an 85 lb Irish Setter. His nails are thick and very hard and when I use this thing the wheel stops more than it spins. I am not putting undue pressure on the wheel when I attempt this and even bought top of the line batteries thinking that might make a difference – it didn’t. I do have a dremel kit so will start using that.

  51. james on October 13th, 2008

    I really appreciate all those comments. I buy
    quite a few items on line BUT always check comments about the product or outfit selling it. I prefer consumsers reports, I am an on line member, but this item wasn’t reviewed. As you all know you really have to be careful about ordering on line. Do you realize that even in our great country there are crooks ready to take you to the cleaners. Thanks so much for your comments

  52. Dog Lover on October 14th, 2008

    First of all, go to Bed Bath and Beyond and pick up Pedicure for $20 instead of even worrying about scams! Second, we have 3 dogs, our biggest weighs 50lbs and we had no problems using the Pedicure on her. If you press down too hard on the strip it does stop, but don’t put the nail in that hard, hello!! We used it for the first time last night and my dogs didn’t flinch, didn’t care, and didn’t get hurt like the typical clippers would do. I couldnt believe how short and nicely trimmed they turned out. I love this product!!

  53. jessica on October 15th, 2008

    Thank you for this review. Im going to use the dremel i already have and maybe buy the dremel attatchment later.
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you
    you all saved me at LEAST $25 :)

  54. Barb on October 15th, 2008

    I also ordered a peticure cover for a dremel. They dont give you any information at all. I called right away and caneled the order, well they never canceled it. So I had to go thru the hassel of sending it back and fighting to get my credit card credited.They dont tell you how much shipping is either. guess they want you to be surprized. I will never deal with this company again. And told them so. also told them to put more info on web site, shipping costs, order confirmation info.. Dont order from here. its only a a big hassel .

  55. Chris on October 15th, 2008

    It just sucks – no power – takes forever, I am not even sure it really did much. Bought yesterday, taking it back tomorrow

  56. debbie on October 16th, 2008

    I bought my Pedi Paws at Walgreens on sale for 19.99 .

  57. Barbara on October 16th, 2008

    I have 3 lab/shepherd mix dogs and thought this would be the answer to easy toe-nail clipping. WRONG…WRONG….WRONG!!!!

    The motor that drives the thing is too weak. You apply a little pressure and it stops turning.

    I will be buying a Dremel.

  58. Lisa on October 17th, 2008

    Glad I read these reviews/comments BEFORE I ordered this product – whew! I’m going to get a Dremel to take care of my dogs nails. Thanks to everyone who took the time to warn us.

  59. addie on October 17th, 2008


  60. Andrew on October 18th, 2008

    I purchased this at Walgreens in hopes it would work with my 90lb dog…It didn’t. It was not nearly powerful enough to trim the nails of a dog this size. I suspect it would work great on smaller dogs, but it certainly wasn’t powerful enough for a large dog.

  61. Jill on October 20th, 2008

    Buyer Beware! I ordered this product online and chose to purchase the extra pieces. They took my credit card number at the beginning and did not let me review my order. A $19.95 order ending up costing me over $50.00. I called to cancel and they could not find my order, but told me that they would make note of it. I kept checking on it and next thing I know, I have this worthless thing sitting on my front porch. My cat does not like it and I’m at a loss on what to do. If you must have this product, purchase it at the store. I wish I had. I will never order from a TV product again!

  62. MK on October 22nd, 2008

    Bought at Bed, Bath, Beyond for 19.99. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY. We have 2 100 lb dogs and they are so afraid of it because of the noise. The drill stops without even applying very much pressure. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing. HUGE waste of money and time. Plus, the website is bunk. Video does not work on web site. The commercial is very misleading since there is no noise and the people are not even using it on the dogs in the commerical like it looks. AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Lazara on October 23rd, 2008

    Hi everyone…

    I just wanted to shed some personal experiences with these imposters. I saw PediPaws first, and decided to order…BACK IN AUGUST!!! It is now the 23rd of OCTOBER, and guess what…still no product.
    I didn’t worry at first. A month later, when I heard nothing I called. They told me it would be shipped soon due to high demands…so OK…right?

    WRONG!! They still charged my card for 35 bucks and change…The darn thing was supposed to be 19.99 and the Shed ender was free…

    They said it was shipped out on Sep 17, and still no product. I have called 3 times demanding my refund…12 days ago…and still nothing.

    These guys are scam artists. Do not buy their product. It is not worth your effort or your money…I hope this helps some of you out!!

  64. Lynn on October 26th, 2008

    DON’T BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP!! We bought the PediPaws from WalGreens for $19.99 and have returned it already. I read every word of the instructions, attempted to watch the video (which did not work! Imagine that!) and nothing would take the fear from my 8 month old German Shepard. Whenever we tried it on her the first time, she jumped as though it startled her and from that moment on, she would run as fast as she could if she even saw the thing. The commercial shows those animals sitting there all calm – seeming to almost enjoy their pedicure…I think I’ve figured out why the commercial seems to be so successful for those pets-THE THING’S NOT EVEN TURNED ON!!! I actually recorded the commercial and studied to figure it out. If you look closely, you can see where the emery board is wrapped on the file (the seam). When it’s turned on and being used, you aren’t able to see that seam because of the rotation. THE COMMERCIAL MAKES SENSE NOW….IT’S NOT TURNED ON WHEN THEY’RE USING ON THE PETS. JUST DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT. IT DOES NOT WORK!! IT’S MORE TRAUMATIZING THAN ANYTHING…

  65. JohnLee on October 27th, 2008

    For those who are wondering about the Pedipaws website, I have CallingID and it lists the following address for Pedipaws:
    Edge, International
    79 Two Bridges Rd.
    Fairfield, New Jersey 07004
    United States
    1(973) 244-0300

    So maybe if you can get through to the main company and let them know how you were treated and how their orderers are acting and treating people, maybe they can do something about it. Or to just give them your opinion, or your nightmare ordering of their product.
    Anyway, I did buy a Pedipaws from Walgreens and it works ok, but I have a small 14 pound dog. I don’t like having to try to find replacements for the file wheel though. I won’t order replacements through their website. I will have to try to make my own. If you do have pedipaws, the secret is to gently put their nail in, holding the nail, not the paw, by hand and count one, two, three and let go. Move on the next one. Then go back over them until you get them filed down. Don’t put very much pressure down on the file. It takes awhile doing this. Noise, it is quieter than a Dremel. I have a Dremel and the noise really scared my dog. You MUST get a guard for a Dremel, as the dog could reach and grab the wheel with it’s mouth and be seriously injured. I do like that about the pedipaws, the cover. I would suggest though any dog over 20 pounds probably would be best to go with the Dremel and dogs under 20 pounds should be ok with Pedipaws. I also don’t like that Pedipaws is battery operated. I would rather had a cord. Buy Pedipaws only at the stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond or Walgreens. Anyway, good luck to those who have had online order nightmares!

  66. cheryle on October 28th, 2008

    i bought the pedipaws at walgreens for $19.99 and i like it. i found that it worked better on my big dog rather than the small one (although he’s still getting used to it). the hole is the right size for both of my dogs and i like that it stops if the nail is pressed too hard against it.

  67. Brian on October 31st, 2008

    If you live in Texas and are familiar w/ the great grocery chain H.E.B, you can purchase Pedipaws there at $19.95 and not subject to any shipping fees or hassle from online ordering. My wife and I have a weeny dog and we and our dog love it!

  68. cindy on November 1st, 2008

    I purchased this product at bed,bath and beyond and it works find. Introduced it slowly to my 70 pound golden and she does not mind at all. She just snoozes as I give her a pedicure. Love it. She hated the clippers.

  69. cindi on November 2nd, 2008

    Cindi on Nov 2nd,2008
    I also purchased a pedipaws at target yesterday and my yellow lab wasn’t a bit impressed so I will be returning it tomorrow. Where do I buy a Dremmel?

  70. Melinda on November 3rd, 2008

    Bought Pedipaws at Wal-Mart over the weekend, and I am very pleased with the results. My dog was a little nervous, but once she saw that what I was doing wasn’t hurting her, she relaxed and we got all of her nails done without a problem. I highly recommend it!

  71. Melinda on November 3rd, 2008

    In regards to my earlier post…I didn’t find Pedipaws in the pet supplies section of our Wal-Mart. I found it up by the registers in the section for “As Seen on TV” products.

  72. Gail on November 5th, 2008

    I just bought the pedipaws at bed,bath and beyond and used the 20% off coupons that always come in the mail..I tried on my chihuahuas and it seems to work OK…I had to get them use to seeing it and turning it on and touching them with the sound would not scare them…I am slowly getting a few nails done at a time and giving them treats and praise when they let me do it but i want others to know that Bed,bath and beyond also sell the replacent files for approx. 9.99…..Gail

  73. Ray on November 5th, 2008

    Oh…my…god! What a waste of money. I turned it on and my dogs ran for the hills. I didn’t even get it near them. Even with it off I can’t get it anywhere near them. Train the dogs? You gotta be kidding me. I can trim their nails with clippers easier and quicker with less of a fight than with this thing. Gentle trimming? It’s a freaking sandpaper wheel. I’m glad I didn’t spend my own money on this (if was a gift)..I would have taken it back for my money.

  74. rose on November 6th, 2008

    hello, has anyone used this on there cats?

  75. Jason on November 6th, 2008

    i agree with Ray, this is the worst product ever created…unfortunately i did use my own money for this. As soon as i turned it on, my dogs took off and anytime i even have it in my hand they run and hide. If you are trying to scold your dogs because they did something wrong…..this is the product for you! if you still want one of these, i have one never been used (cant get close enough to the dogs to use it). buy it for a discount!

  76. Luis on November 7th, 2008

    Dont waste your money,got it yesterday returned today,and I am out of $5.17 for the return postage

  77. Katie on November 8th, 2008

    I bought my Pedipaw at Bed Bath and Beyond so I didn’t have the hassle it seems everyone else has had. I got mine for $16 with a coupon. It took a bit, but I used it on my Jack Russell and after a bunch of treats and soothing him he could care less about the noise.

  78. Sharon on November 8th, 2008

    I ordered 2 upgrades with extra emery heads. Received 1 unit and the extra sanding heads. Well they billed me for 2 upgrade Pedipaws, and the box of sanding heads. For the little box that came I was billed 7.99 twice for the two Pedipaw units and 2.99 for the sanders and this was just the S/H. My total bill was 96.62 and I hit the ceiling. I called and told them I didn’t want any of it, and they gave me a RMA number. I mailed what I had back and it was $5.50. They were sure making out on the postage. My CC was billed and I have called repeatedly for my credit and have yet to receive it. I did do a Delivery Confirmation, so I know they received it two days after I mailed it. Now the story from them is they didn’t received the package. I’m out $96.62 and don’t even have a Pedipaw. Live and learn! Don’t buy from this outfit.

  79. 3 wire fox terriers on November 8th, 2008

    Peticure sells the cover for 19.99 on their website for your dremel tool. Use a dremel.
    We have been using a dremel to grind our dogs nails for years. The problem is catching their hair in the tool and the kick back. We wanted a cover to prevent this and Voila, the cover is available under the professional tab on the Peticure website.

    Hope this was helpful

  80. Judy on November 9th, 2008

    Well now! I have a pedipaws sitting at home and it is absolutely useless!!!
    I spent the extra money and upgraded because I am a professional groomer and do allot of dogs nails. And we raise and breed and show Jack Russell Terriers.

    The stupid thing stops every time you get to the top of the nail unless you do it so light that it is not sanding the nail. Now if it won’t do a Jack Russell you know it won’t do a big dog.

    I have now told all my go workers not to order it and all my customers not to order it. Stick with a dremel guys. They are powerful enough and they always work. You also don’t have to buy batteries for the dremel.

  81. Lene on November 9th, 2008

    Just bought this product and LOVE it!!! I don’t know why a lot of people have difficulty to introduce this product to their pets. This product does have loud sound but not as loud as a vacuum. If you use vacuum regularly, you shouldn’t have problem introducing this to your pets. They did struggle at first, but it wasn’t long. But anyway, as every person is different, so is pets.
    Oh, and I bought this at Walgreens for 19.99(+tax) because before I decided to buy this product I had read this site first and learned about nightmares if you buying this online.

  82. Jo on November 10th, 2008

    DO NOT BUY PEDIPAWS. Waste of $19.95. My dogs are very well trained. They will sit/stay through anything. So the noise was not a problem. However, it only works on very SMALL dogs with very SMALL nails. The larger dogs’ nails brought the rotation to a complete stop.
    Again, do not buy this piece of junk.

  83. Dee on November 11th, 2008

    Just a heads up for those who are interested in purchasing the Pedi Paws. Check on Ebay as some of them sell it extremely cheap and some don’t charge for delivery. When I mean cheap, I mean less than $5.

  84. Dennis Beaulieu on November 11th, 2008

    Did not receive it through the mail yet but when you order online when it says upgrade to a deluxe be sure you know you are buying another item each time, so a regular 19.99 item will cost you close to 95.00 with shipping and taxes. So when it says upgrade it means buy another deluxe item at 10.00 more than the original so 29.99 plus you still get the 19.99 plus I purchased ten sander pieces at 10.00 more so that is about 59.97 plus 35.00 shipping and handling. I wrote them an email that was returned as no such address. Buyer beware.

  85. CHRISTI on November 15th, 2008


  86. joan on November 15th, 2008

    I ordered pedipaws and when I checked my order I found that I had been charged for 2, not 1. I called and was told by someone who could barely speak English that she had to contact people far away and it would take days to correct the mistake. I also got a call telling me I was getting free earings with my purchase…then was told that I was also going to get a necklace that I could return if I did not decide to keep it…Needless to say, I got 2 pedipaws delivered…and unlike the ads, it tells you that most dogs don’t like it so they have to be trained to tolerate it…a far cry from the happy looking cats and dogs on the commercials..this is false advertising and most of all, they are ripping off a lot of the people by adding charges when it is too late to correct it in the order form…I would BEWARE…

  87. willliam on November 15th, 2008

    Pedipaws sucks …the “dermal” has no power (no balls)

  88. strcpy on November 16th, 2008

    We purchased one at Walgreens a few days ago.

    Our dog *hates* her nails clipped (a miniture pincer) – it takes at least two people to clip them. She is also afraid of loud noises so we didn’t have high hopes for the tool. We figured it would be more used on the cats.

    It’s not very loud so thankfully that didn’t bother her (a dremel can and does freak her out – she goes in another room when I use mine for anything) and the actual grinding part didn’t seem to bother her. One person did it – she was more trouble from touching her paws and her thinking the clippers were coming out (she ignored the pedi-paws). The only complaint I would have was it was kinda slow – but then I would fear much faster could cause heat problems too.

    The cats were in between but if/when they ignore it then it will work great. It does seem to vibrate/tickle their claws some. At the lest they walked around shaking their feet for a bit after it was done. One freaked over the noise a bit but settled down quickly, the other freaked a bit from the vibration but also settled down. It trimmed them up fast, any faster and it would be REALLY easy to hit the quick.

    All in all I found it OK for the dog – time will tell if it will work there or not and I can certainly see why it would have some issues with larger dogs. However it worked great for the cats – best trimming tool I’ve seen for them.

  89. admin on November 16th, 2008


    Read this link for dog nail trimming with a dremel tool

  90. Yvonne on November 16th, 2008

    I purchased pedipaws recently. We have a Jack Russell Terrior at 15 lbs and a Golden Retiever at 83 lbs. The pedipaws works great for both dogs. I have not had any trouble with our large or small dog. I use it for the cats also. I realize Golden Retrievers are an exceptionally calm breed, but I have had no problems with him. It may not be the size of the animal or the power of the motor that is at issue here, it may be the socialization the dog went through as a puppy.

  91. CHRISTI on November 16th, 2008


  92. alan on November 17th, 2008

    This company will not return my money after charging me twice for the product. the keep saying it will be refunded but after 6 months and 25 calls, still no refund. They are typical of the companies that intentionally structure their company to refuse refunds even if they steal from you.

  93. Linda on November 18th, 2008

    The dremel is so much better than these pedipaws or peticure tools. But….if you have a dog in a long coat, the dremel can be dangerous. One little jerk of your dog or slip of your hand and the dremel will wrap up your dogs hair in a tight ball causing pain. Serious injuries have occurred around the mouth and eyes due to this. If you have a short coated dog, no problem. But long flowing coats, like Yorkies, Lasas, etc…watch out. You can never tell when they may jump or jerk and then its katy bar the door. You have to cut the hair out of the dremel with scissors. The electric dremels will not shut off automatically when entangled with hair, it keeps on winding around the hair tighter and tighter. I know, its happened to me with my yorkies and scared me to death. I’m going to buy the guard for the dremel. This is the best thing to use anyway…forget about the TV marketing ads for the other two products. Not worth it. I bought the Pedipaws and it would not cut through hot butter without stopping. Very, very disappointed! Should of known — as on the box said “Made in China!”

  94. Suzn on November 18th, 2008

    Just as an FYI to everyone out there. I ordered the PediPaw and received it within a couple of weeks. It works FINE on my little dogs. Maybe people are having issues with bigger dogs, I would have no frame of reference. I have a friend who used a dremel and it cut up her dogs foot and the hair got stuck in it. Sounded pretty traumatic for the dog and owner alike. I am sure there are places representing themselves to be the real deal just as there is with everything. Buyer Beware!!! I wouldn’t be scared to order another one. Good Luck

  95. Melanie on November 18th, 2008

    I am so mad at mysel for ordering this!! I haven’t even received it and already I have a headache. When placing the order it added an additional pedipaws to my order. I called immediately and they couldn’t help me because it wasn’t in the system…I called the next day same story. They took my name, phone # and address and “made a note to call me about order before it was processed”.. I called the next day, same story, then the next day same story. Finally I called the following day, which was the day they told me to call anyways, the foreign idiot who answers the phones says my order was processed and they cannot change anything. I told him my story and he says Oh real sorry, how bout I give you $10 bucks to keep both.. WHAT!!?? ten bucks? the things is over $20..I said no, so he just kept saying oh so sorry… put in mail with RMA# on it and send it back. I’m sending everything back!! I hate foreign customer service people who ly out their butts!!!!! And i HATE PEDIPAWS!!!! They’ll rip you off!!!!!!!!! $10 bucks says they don’t refund my $8 in shipping fees!!!

  96. patricia on November 19th, 2008

    i received the pedi paws in Oct/2008
    it works well but you can do the same with a
    dremel tool
    i DID not receive the shed ender like they advertized and you can’t get any response with the 1-800 # and there is no email
    so buyer beware this company is doing false advertizing.

  97. admin on November 20th, 2008

    I edited the post to add a link for pedipaws at, which is a reputable site where you can buy it.

  98. brian beckmann on November 20th, 2008

    What a horrible piece of crap!!! Just did my Yorkie’s paws and, since they wear so fast, it took two abrasive wheels to finish. Weak, binds on every pass, and feels like what it is: made in China. At least it’s not totally useless, the handle vibrates just enough to double as a marital aid for those so inclined to try it!

  99. Shelley on November 20th, 2008

    I ordered this eons ago – in fact thought it was such a good idea ordered several for stocking stuffers for family. Got it today- one only- when I called re order they said they never heard of my credit card numbers, or either of y 2 phone numbers but someone would call me back- I have to wonder how much I’ll find dissappearing from my account ??? Number I got a realperson at was
    1-800- 777-4034. Good luck out there. I haven’t even tried it yet and am disheartened with the service- lesson learned- check out sites such as this first!

  100. c.davis on November 23rd, 2008

    Like I normally do; I researched different blogs (not just 1) when deciding to purchase a new product. After reading discouraging statements about PEDI PAWS “and” PETI-CURE and still not knowing which to purchase, which is better, whether or not I’ll be one of the customers who gets ripped off or one of the customers who’ll get exactly what I paid for, I simply waited.

    I waited because I knew eventually the product would have to appear in stores (all AS SEEN ON TV products do). So yesterday (11/22/08) I was in a Walgreens store and I saw PEDI PAWS / as seen on tv (lol). It was for sale for $19.99. I grabbed it! Finally!!!! Without any scam problems to deal with. Without any communication headaches. Also, without any WORRY! That was a major plus for me.

    11/23/08 I tried it on the dog…… IT WORKED GREAT! Did I say GREAT??? IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY! I am sooooo pleased. I let my dog sniff it (like he was getting a new toy). Then I turned it on and let my dog get use to it (very LOW noise – almost non-existent it’s so low). My dog laid right down and let me do his nails. I was able to do them within, if not under, 20 minutes (I really believe it was somewhere around 10). But since I didn’t watch the clock I’ll give it a little lattitude. The product was powerful enough to file the nails without me having to worry about changing out batteries or the filing band. Which I was happy about because if you read some ads they will tell you if your dog weighs over 25 lbs you need to buy the larger product (which is usually a great deal more expensive!).

    I have nothing but good things to say about this product (PEDI PAWS). I hope the person who researches blogs, as I do, will read this and be able to obtain an equally positive experiance. FYI – Walgreens stores always maintains an “AS SEEN ON TV” shopping aisle in their stores.

  101. Trice on November 23rd, 2008

    I want to thank the person who said it was a ripoff because i was about to buy it i will pay a visit to my local pet store.

  102. Shelly on November 25th, 2008

    We had a very difficult time cutting our min pin’s (10lbs)nails with clippers. She HATED it. When we purchased the PediPaws at our local “As Seen on TV” store, we introduced it to our dog. At first, she was scared of it but we used treats to praise her (and provide treats at every filing). I was skeptical the first time filing her nails and said, “I doubt that our dog will ever be like the dog on the PediPaws commercial where he just gives his paw & allows his owner to file his nails.” But by golly, on the 2nd filing, our dog actually allowed us to file her nails without too much wincing (someone still holds her at the neck) and I’m sure with time, she’ll give her paw with no problems! I LOVE THE PEDIPAWS!

  103. Susan on November 26th, 2008

    I purchased the Pedipaws after seeing it advertised on television. I did not want the Shedender and only wanted the more powerful Pedipaws and extra bands. I ended up paying a total of $46 including $7.99 for shipping. I have two dogs (Bichon Frise) who hate to have their nails trimmed but they don’t seem to mind the Pedipaws and it does a beautiful job on their nails. Although their nails were already way too long and I had to trim them and then use the Pedipaws. The cover fits them perfectly. I had already experimented with the Dremel and found that it was too uncontrollable and too loud.

    Wish I had read this blog before I purchased Pedipaws at the extravagant price I paid but I am happy with the product. Can’t seem to find the instructional video on line.

  104. Melissa on November 27th, 2008

    Incase any of you who are boasting about the Pedipaws and Peticure, feel your dog or cats nails after you file them. Feel that INTENSE heat? They feel it three times more. Its painful to them and I regret ever buying the product. They didnt really mind the nail clipping and now its hard to get them to trust me with their paws.

    Wanna know what they feel? Take the cover off and let the sander run on your heal, you will feel that pain they do.

  105. Jacki on December 3rd, 2008

    Hi there

    I live in Australia and have a couple of different email accounts which are constantly FLOODED with spam for Pedi Paws. For this very reason I have NOT bothered to check out what it is let alone BUY it. But today I ran a google check out of curiousity and looked for ordinary people chatting about it. Sure enough, it’s rubbish. NEVER EVER trust a product that is spammed all over the net, it’s probably not good enough to sell on it’s own merits and has to be forced down people’s throats. Go with word of mouth through trusted sources. It may take a little of your time but it’s worth it in the end. That’s my advice for what it’s worth.

  106. Paul on December 7th, 2008

    Horrible…not worth the packaging it comes in…Great Concept, and great Marketing, but just poor Quality, not enough power to trim a dogs nails.

    I purchased the Pedipaw yesterday, excited at the idea of making the nail trimming a pleasant experience for once. I have two Rottweilers, one of whom absolutely hates the nail trimming process, my vet requires 3 assistants to hold her down while nail trimming, so the idea of this item was exciting.

    I have to say, after a little baiting, she didn’t mind the process at all, except for the time necessary to complete the job, 45 minutes per paw!!! The sanding wheel will seize at the slightest pressure, which requires almost no pressure what’s’ so ever. Again, I have to commend the safety guard, but that’s it, I have been eyeballing the design, just to see if I can add a more powerful motor, or convert the guard to a standard Dremal tool.

    I can understand the claim not to apply too much pressure, which is understandable, but Pedi paws simply falls short, I can stop the motor using my finger, it just doesn’t work effectively, and it’s more frustrating than anything else.

    My advice, DO NOT buy, it’s a cheap item, but in my opinion simply doesn’t work, maybe for a small cat or dog, but for my Rottweilers, it simply took too long, and was a huge disappointment.

    I plan to purchase a Dremal, and yes, not nearly as safe, but it’ll get the job done in no time, and with careful use, can be perfectly safe…do not buy

  107. Jodee on December 10th, 2008

    I have cats. I read through the reviews and didn’t really see anything definitive for pedipaws used on cats, so I bought one at Target knowing I could return it if it didn’t work out. I read the directions and took a few days to orient my cats. They loved it as a message tool (especially my 19 year old cat who has a bad back), and then I tried the file. I found that using the protective cap was too difficult. Cat’s claws are too short to reach comfortably into the slot. But when I removed the cap and just used the file it worked great. I’ve tested on myself – no pain. I do quick filings, no longer than a couple of seconds at a time on each nail. Then I let the cats go when they get nervous and try again later so that each session only lasts a minute or two. Eventually I think they’ll be completely fine with it. But it does work well, and I like the feel of the claw when it’s been filed. The noise isn’t really so bad. There’s a slight startle when nail hits file, partly from the sound, I think.

  108. NoPeticureForMe on December 13th, 2008

    Don’t order from It took three weeks for my order to be shipped, then they double billed my credit card. Emails were ignored.

  109. Lee on December 13th, 2008

    I ordered a Pedipaws from What a mistake, they say it will take 4 weeks to deliver the product. I have called customer service three times to cancel the order and they claim they can’t find it. I tried to cancel this on line as well with no luck. My advice is DON’T BUY THIS ONLINE. What a bad experience!

  110. Laurie Selje on December 13th, 2008

    Hi, I’m a professional groomer A “safari” brand clipper is what I use and there are different sizes for large and small nails, available at most stores with pet supplies. The blades cross over one another. If you just trim small amounts of nail at a time and watch for a black spot to appear, called the “bulls eye” that is the quick and you should stop. Trim with the nail looking up at you by bending the foot upwards towards you. Don’t trim from the top of the nail. All that’s needed is for the nails to not hit the floor very much or at all. Hope this helps.

  111. Joy on December 16th, 2008

    We bought the Pedi-Paws at CVS for $20 for our 15 lb. dog. A heartless groomed had cut all her nails short once and it has been horrible to do her nails since. It took a few days, but she won’t put up much of a fuss now and her nails were LONG when we started. Follow the instructions. Yes, it scares the dogs at first. It has to be introduced slowly. I tried it on our two 60 lbs Dalmations and it also works on them (I only attemped 1 nail on each because it was the first they had seen it and they were scared). The instructions tell you not to do a nail more than a few secs at a time because it heats up the nail, duh, it goes very fast. The people who say that it stops must be pushing too hard. I’m happy with it.

  112. Diana on December 17th, 2008

    Thank you all for your excellent advice! So glad I looked up PediPaws on the Internet before placing an order. I definitely will NOT buy this for my 100 lb lab/dane mix. Also, I’ve come to suspect that anything “advertised on TV” means “buyer beware.” I’ve been thinking of buying a dremel for other uses and will now do so.

  113. Phil on December 18th, 2008

    The ads on TV looked so good, but being a tool and die maker I should have known better.. I told my wife it it just a “die grinder” with a guard on it. When she saw it at Walgreens she bought it.. complete junk! We have a Collie and it would stop as soon as her nail made contact with the drum.
    you can purchase a small adjustable grinder for about $30 that will work a lot better, but be careful it is easy to grind too much off even with a quality Dremmel unit.

  114. Judy on December 21st, 2008

    BOY!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!! I have been trying to order the Pedipaws but can’t get the order form on the site to work. They say things “happen for a reason.”
    I am so grateful to all of you who stopped me from making a huge mistake and losing money I don’t have to lose in the first place! I’m disabled and on a very fixed income; so I was looking for something a bit less costly than the Pedicure. But I guess I would have paid much more money had the website worked properly last night. So, I’m going to buy the Pedicure now! I want something with a battery (hopefully more quiet than electric?) I already have a “pro dog groomer’s” tool that IS electric that my dog is terrified of. I’m hoping that a battery tool will be less frightening to her?!
    Thank you again for stopping me from making a huge mistake! I guess miracles really DO happen this time of year! (12/20/08) I just hope that ALL find this site in the “search page” like I did when I searched for another site that sold the Pedipaws so THEY DON’T buy this either!
    Happy Holidays to all!!!

  115. AMBER on December 22nd, 2008

    My husband and I have 3 dogs and 2 out of the three have nail cutting issues so we bought a pedipaw for christmas and we wanted to try it out. We were extremely disappointed with the results. The motor is extremely week held by what looks like tiny rubber bands. The dog didn’t mind the buzzing so much as trying to stick her nail into a little spot and seeing it vibrate a little. Needless to say after 5 minutes of trying to do one nail wasn’t worth the stress it was starting to put on her waiting for the machine to buff her nail as we rotated it like on T.V. It was a complete waste of money and we are talking about returning back to wal-mart. If Peticure is like this then what is another option for my saint who is pet-trified of feet touching. She is a big girl while my golden cocker is just a small whiny baby. ( My black lab/chow mix files his own) So what is the alternative to torture? Any ideas please let me know. Thanks!

  116. me on December 23rd, 2008

    My husband picked up PediPaws yesterday at CVS for $20. We sat the dog on the couch and filed her nails. No loud noise, she didn’t mind a bit and we were VERY satisfied. Our dog is about 25-pounds and she has black nails. Really, after less than 15-minutes we were done with all four feet and it worked just as they said it would. After reading the above reviews, yes, there was some dust but I could have cared less. And the grinder was fast – it only slows if you’re putting too much pressure on it. I’m telling you, this really worked for us! Hope you have a similar experience. :]

  117. Ginny on December 25th, 2008

    My huspand bought the pedipaws for our pets as a Christmas gift. He purchased it from CVS for $19.99. I read all the instructions twice, and watched the online video. As soon as I turned it on, my pets were terrified. This thing is LOUD. I finally got my Rat Terrier calm again, turned it back on and attempted to file her nails. She was nervous, but sat there in my lap. As soon as I would touch her nail, the thing would stop. I can’t wait for CVS to open tomorrow so I can take this thing back. I hope I can get a refund. Sorry to hear about all those that are having problems with ordering. Losing money on a product like this thing has is really bad.

  118. amy on December 25th, 2008

    I purchased the PediPaws for my cat and my dog. My cat is very docile and has never been afraid of anything before. Well, we found what she is afraid of. the bone-rattling, cat-ear-piercing pedipaws. Once we coaxed her down from the rafters, and tried to cram her little paw into the huge pedipaw hole, we were afraid her whole little toe was going to be sucked in. The filing part is WAY too far away from the guard, and you can’t see the nail when it’s being trimmed. Scary. And it rattles the nail and freaked my cat out! I could hardly get one nail done. The finished product was a nail that had been rasped to a blunt, flat tip with sharp edges. Same as being trimmed. And I couldn’t get it within ten feet of my dog, so who knows how it would have worked on her big nails.

  119. alley on December 26th, 2008

    dont buy this, i used it on my cat and it split her nail apart. its way to abrasive to be used on cats. waste of money.

  120. Rebecca on December 28th, 2008

    Biggest disappointment since ShamWow.

    I have 2 labs. They were relatively co-operative, but this this is so weak and slow it would take me 10 minutes just to get one nail down to a reasonble length.

    If you apply ANY pressure, it will stop. Terrible. I guess this would work for tiny dogs and cats. For a large dog, just use a dremmel or regular clippers.

  121. Netta on December 29th, 2008

    Can someone tell me what size batteries the PediPaw takes?
    Thank you :o)

  122. Amber on December 31st, 2008

    I just got the pedi paws from my local pet smart for 19.99. I have three daschunds who hate their nails being clipped. I have tried the dremel in the past but the noise of it was too mcuh for them. I don’t think this product would do well with large dog’s nails but it did great for my three smaller dogs. Yes, it does take length off slowly, but I took them all to have their nails clipped first and plan to use the pedi paws at least once a week to try to keep their nails shorter. After reading so many complaints about the online ordering of the product I bought it at a store instead. They told me at pet smart that if I tried it and the dogs hated it or i hated it i could bring it back without questions. This seems like a better way than to order online.
    So, I would say, use thedremel for larger animals or if yours don’t mind the noise. But it seems to work well for smaller nails, to me it is quieter than the dremel and it has no cord where a dremel does.

  123. Stacy on January 1st, 2009

    I’m glad I read all these reviews. I bought a PediPaws at Walgreen’s & then saw an investigation on our local news channel that gave it 1 out of 5 stars due to lack of power. So, I took it back and was considering either the Peticure or PetZoom, but since I’ve read all those reviews, I get the feeling that I should just save my money. I’m going to try the Dremel method. I just tried a standard human nail file on both my puppy and 40 lb dog and they tolerated it very well. It’ll take me 2 days to get the older dogs nails filed with this method…
    However, for all you that love the PediPaws but hate having to order the replacement bands online, I saw a dozen replacement bands for sale at my local Walgreen’s. Check it out & save some aggravation.

  124. Lillian on January 1st, 2009

    I recently bought a Pedipaws to use my my two chihuahuas. After buying the product and then seeing the commercial again on tv, I can tell you all without a doubt that the product is NOT being used on the dogs shown on the advertisement! You can tell because the dremel tool isn’t even moving! At any rate, the product does work…to an extent. It only gets the top part of the dogs nail as opposed to all of the nail you are trying to trim down. In my opinion, it’s a complete waste of money and I think you should just save your money on a good pair of old fashioned dog clippers to use on the nails. Don’t waste your money on something that even THEY don’t use on their infomercials!

  125. kristin on January 2nd, 2009

    i ordered the pedipaws straight from pch instead of from the pedipaws website and i used it as soon as i got it. it will grind but if you push to hard it will stop but it does not round off the nails for less scratching ive tried everyway to round the nails off and it doesnt work.i have a springer spaniel and a poodle and neither of them have rounded nails.

  126. shannon on January 2nd, 2009

    I bought this item at petsmart. My dog does not mind having her nails clipped but the clipper broke so I thought I would try this item instead. It was the worst item I have ever tried. It was so slow and barely filed the nail. The noise was a little scary for her at first but it took way to long and she got impatient. I finished all two paws and her nails were barely filed. I think the one I had was also defective because it had a terrible burning smell as it was “filing”. I thought it was going to catch on fire. My parents also tried it on their jack russel terrier and he was crying and yelped when they tried it on him. I soon returned it and got my money back.

    It takes C batteries, I believe

  127. Keith on January 2nd, 2009

    I own a dog that hates to have his nails clipped. After years of fighting the battle I decided to try Pedipaws. I ordered it online, upgraded to the supposedly quieter, more powerful unit and purchased an extra pak of sanding drums. With shipping I spent around $40.00.

    When it arrived I was immediately unimpressed. The thing looked like a cross between a cheap plastic flashlight and an underpowered Dremel. I dropped in the batteries turned it on and it immediately died. I called Pedipaws, obtained a return authorization and sent it back to where it belongs. About a month later I found a 3/4″ drum sander kit at Lowes for about $8.00. I hooked it up to my Makita cordless drill and proceeded to pedicure my pooch. It worked great! Forget Pedipaws, it’s over-priced, over-hyped and under-delivers.

  128. jenny on January 2nd, 2009

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My mom recently tried to purchase it over the phone.. and was offered to upgrade, and rush shipping.. but she said NO! Guess what?! They charged it to her card anyway.. and instead of 1 pedipaws, we got 3! So a cheap purchase turned into a $200 purchase. VISA will not do anything without a police report, and by golly, they are getting one. After sitting on hold for customer service, the system hangs up on you.. and you have to call back.


  129. admin on January 2nd, 2009

    Jenny there are credible online retailers if they are independant stores like Petstreetmall, the link that is in my post.

  130. Terry Theis on January 6th, 2009

    I received Pedipaws and tried it the 1st hour that I had it. I did not have any power to it at all. When I pressed it slightly to my dogs nail, it stopped. I immediately got on the phone to the company and the rep. told me to send it back for a full refund. It took over a month for me to get back the $37.98 (cost of deluxe). They would not give back the 7.99 for ship/handling or the 7.99 for the shed ender that I did not even want. Needless to say, they did not return the cost for me to send it to them. So as of now it has cost me 15.98 to learn a lesson about this company plus the money to return. My suggestion is not to buy from this company due to terrible customer service.

  131. Sarah Kratowill on January 9th, 2009

    I hesitated on buying the Pedipaws, too, but I saw it at Walmart and decided to get it. I have a miniature pinscher and two labs. It worked great on the min pin, but I had to take the dust collector cap off in order to do her.

    I had heard that this wouldn’t work great on the thick nails of bigger dogs, but it worked great. I found that if you pressed it too hard, it would stop running. If you just held it lightly on the nails, it would definitely file them down. You just have to be patient because it takes a bit more time. I was very pleased with the results, though! The thing is very quiet, too, which the dogs liked. I tried the Dremel, but it was so noisy that the dogs all freaked out and I couldn’t get them done. By the end of their first session with Pedipaws, the two labs were actually snoozing.

    I got all three dogs done with one filing drum. I know I will be able to do them all another time or two, so I think it’s cost effective.

  132. DYG on January 11th, 2009

    Pedipaws was a very disappointing purchase.

    I bought it at the local CVS pharmacy. Got it home, put in brand new Duracell batteries, and the cheap, low torque motor bogged down when more than just the slightest pressure from my dog’s nails was applied to the sander/grinder attachment. It would literally have taken hours to complete the task and there’s no way an 80lb dog is going to be held in one spot for that long.

    A Dremel tool would have better results, I’m certain. I’ve already gone back to Ye Olde guillotine clippers. It’s waaaay faster.

  133. nybokey on January 11th, 2009

    Both PediPaws and Peticure are becoming renowned for horrible customer service on their filing units. A Dremel is a better quality base tool for this task and you can get them at any hardware store, Home Depot or Lowe’s, but you must buy the RIGHT Dremel: the variable-speed Multipro is what you need. And don’t use it at full speed! You do NOT want to exceed 5,000-7,000 rpm for this task. Oh, and even though the cordless Dremel seems like a better choice, the corded Dremel is actually best. If you plan to use the Dremel for tasks other than dog nails, you will not regret buying the corded one.

    Once you have the Dremel, you can buy the Peticure safety guard attachment for about $20 shipping from the web site. This will attach to the Dremel and you will then have a very useful tool – a Dremel – that also just so happens to function as a Peticure, except far better in quality. The Peticure guard is an important add-on especially for newbies to nail sanding because it prevents hair pulling/winding and prevents flying nail dust and bits of nail that can get into your or your dog’s eyes or nose.

    BEFORE YOU START FILING, MAKE THE TIME to familiarize your dog with the tool so that he or she doesn’t experience anxiety over the tool from the outset. Remember that this is a somewhat noisy tool that creates a high-pitched sound as it touches the nail, and that can produce a lot of anxiety. I can’t stress this enough. Read, read, read and then follow the instructions DILIGENTLY that Dawn of has written to introduce your dog to the Dremel:

    You will not regret the time you invest into doing this, because you really only get the one chance to get the first impression right with your dog. You’ll either do it right, and it will be no big deal to the dog, or you’ll do it wrong and the dog will hide under the bed the minute he or she sees the Dremel box come out.

    Use the Dremel’s 120 grit medium sanding bands to do the nails, and make quick strokes to the nail, not staying on any one nail more than 2 seconds each. The friction of sanding creates intense heat when you are filing your dog’s nails, and if you burn your dog once, he or she will remember it forever…so err on the side of caution. You shouldn’t be in a rush to trim the nails. Whatever you do, DON’T USE those grinding stones that come with the Dremel (solid, unbelted) because they are too fine and WILL BURN your dog. The sanding belts are the only way to do it right. Yes, it’s more work to do them and keep them changed. Don’t be casual about it – your dog’s happiness is your first priority.

    You should keep in mind that trimming your dog’s nails with this tool isn’t done for speed, but for SAFETY…it’s much less likely that you nick the nail quick using the Dremel with the Peticure attachment, so long as you are not trying to remove large portions of the nail.

    For those thinking that any of these tools will work as a magic fix to correct months or years worth of nail overgrowth in one session: FORGET ABOUT IT. That is NOT how these tools (or any nail trimming tool) are designed to be used. Long nails must be filed down GRADUALLY over a number of weeks. Not only is this kind to the dog, it puts the dog on a regular schedule with the tool so that the dog becomes comfortable with the tool over time. Filing once a week is ideal.

    I hope this is helpful to you.

  134. Suzy on January 11th, 2009

    I just bought a PediPaws at Walmart ($19.95) a few days ago, and I’m not horribly impressed with it. I have two cocker spaniels, and while it does appear to be less stressful for them, it seems to take an awfully long time to make any progress. As has been stated already here, the file stops rotating when any pressure is applied. Still, it does, eventually, do the trick for my dogs – though I wish I’d hear about/thought about a Dremel first.

    Also, I’ve seen a couple of people ask about using this on cats. I did try, and he hated it…it also appeared to cause some splintering of the nails, so I don’t plan on trying it with my cats again.

  135. Debbie on January 13th, 2009

    I have always used my husband’s Dremel to file down our Doberman’s nails. It works great, but I was tired of breathing in all of the nail dust (and there is a lot). I saw PediPaws, bought it and tried it last night. I am taking it back to Target this morning. What a joke! If I put any pressure on my dog’s nails to get the grinder to work, it would completely stop. The grit on the rotating barrel was very fine, so after an hour of grinding her nails, I can’t even tell I was working on them. I will ALWAYS us my husband’s Dremel, from now until eternity!! My husband will love to get the “I told you so.” in there. This time, he absolutely did and can certainly say it, because he did tell me. Next time, I will listen to him.

  136. James Victory on January 17th, 2009

    I bought a pedipaw right before the holidays. The Third time I turned it on the switch broke and collapsed inside the tool. I waited till after the holidays to notify the company and the response was that i had waited past the 30 day period for refund. I told them I didnt want a refund just a working tool, but they refused to do anything. The tool is made very cheaply and poorly. I wasted my time and money. James

  137. Bill on January 17th, 2009

    It is a hunk of junk, I could spin sandpaper faster and trim nore with a spoon,

  138. Cindy on January 17th, 2009

    The PediPaws is a piece of garbage, as far as I can tell. I ordered, paid an exorbitant prices, and within 45 days of receiving it, it died. Stone cold died. I called their support, waited a very long time, finally spoke to somebody offshore who could not speak English, and could barely understand it. I told him I wanted a refund or a replacement. He immediately agreed and got rid of me just as fast as he could. It’s a month later and no replacement. When I try to log into their website to track the status of the shipment, they require that you first enter in their customer service phone number, which you can only get to 2 screens back and appears nowhere on the web page. I tracked the number of ‘players’ that were involved, from the main site, where they solicit sales, to the entire support and shipment tracking mechanism, and was sent to a total of FOUR different companies’ web sites. This is clearly a shell game, in my opinion and a giant rip off. What a waste of time and money, and certainly no ethical business practices with these guys! In the meantime, my pit/lab mix is helping out by chewing his own nails!!

  139. Lisa on January 19th, 2009

    Pedi Paws IS TERRIBLE!!! I have a PBGV and the first time I used it, he got so scared of the noise that he would not come near me or let me handle his paws when it was on. It took a few days for him to even come near it and it took a whole lots of treats and praise. I tried it on him, but had to hold him down and he kept on squirming that I had a hard time fitting the nail in the hole. And when I finally did, the noise that it makes when the nail hits the filer is so loud! I don’t blame my dog for trying to get away!! I keep on trying, but maybe I will just take hime to a groomer!! DON’T GET THIS! HORRIBLE!!

  140. Tripp on January 19th, 2009

    I purchased the pedipaws at Target after seeing the commercial on TV. What a piece of junk. The basic problem is that it tis too weak to have any grinding power. If you apply enough pressure to remove some nail, then the wheel stops. I have an 85lb. dog and an 11lb. dog. It does nothing on the larger dog and only makes minor improvements on the smaller dog. True that it will avoid going too deep and prevent bleeding, but the dog struggles the whole time. The process takes 10 times as long as clipping and you will end up paying as much in batteries as you would having a groomer do the work for you.


  141. Rebecca on January 23rd, 2009

    I use mine on an 80lb lab who hates nail clippers and this works great lies on his back like a baby feet in the air. True took time to get him used to the sound but come on that part is common sense, you have to take time to introduce new things like that. Don’t know why it’s a hate parade on here. Beside I bought mine for the same price advertised on tv at pet smart, so no waiting on shipping.

  142. Susanne on January 23rd, 2009

    PediPaws works excellent! You just have to get your pest used to it and watch the video: and buy it at Rite Aid or a dept store and you won’t stress out and call it “horrible” because you didn’t get your order or the shipping was too much! I would recommend using it on small dog not to exceed 20 lbs. No bleeding or going to close to the quick…you have to LEARN how to do it, folks! Gah!

  143. Pat on January 25th, 2009

    I just recently ordered one from dealextreme for a little over $10. I didn’t recieve it yet thought. It’ll be coming soon. I’ve ordered many things from this site and had no problems so far. It’s cheap and plus it has free shipping!

  144. michael on January 26th, 2009


  145. Sofa King Sweet on January 29th, 2009

    If you feel like throwing $20-50 dollars way go ahead buy this “nail file” ha! What a joke. My wife hounded me to get one and I told her it wouldn’t work.She happened to be at her sisters house visiting and saw she had one.She asked her how she liked it.Her sis replied take it and try it! My wife was all excited and tried it right when she got home.Not only does it NOT work,the dogs won’t sit still long enough to do any real “filing” but what little you get done really smells bad, I mean like we were on the verge of vomiting. Now let me see I need a pedipaw,
    batteries,extra sanding drums,a straight jacket for the dog,and a gas mask for me.Naw Ill just keep my little “old school” clipper thank you! These guys are just quick buck artists.If the pedipaws wasn’t as small as it is ,you would see it sticking out of garbage cans like the “swiffers”. Hey maybe use it for your own nails,…yea thats the ticket….

  146. Mike on January 30th, 2009

    We bought the “platinum” set. Worked reasonably well on our Dashys for a month then broke. Same problem as the guy above me – changed batteries and nothing.

    Do not buy for any reason.

  147. Noreen on January 30th, 2009

    I Bought the Pedipaws in December at Target, It Works great. You just have to be patient. My Lab Pit mix was really afraid to get his nails clipped, especially since they cut to far one time. I started off slow like they say just a few passes at a time. Now I do his nails once a week and he has even fallen asleep while doing his nails. I got the replacement heads at Walgreens. Don’t buy over the internet. You can get these things every where now, besides if your not happy it’s easier to return and there’s no shipping.

  148. dan on January 31st, 2009

    Hmmm..Interesting to read all the comments. Bought a Pedipaws at Walgreens for $19.99. Have a 75-pound Boxer. It was a nightmare to use regular nail clippers with him. After purchasing the Pedipaws, and getting him conditioned to it, my Boxer will now actually hand me his paw to let me file his nails! The power on the Pedipaws may be a bit less than I would like, but it still does an amazing job!!!

  149. lexia on January 31st, 2009

    I have cats and as soon as I turn the thing on they run for the hills. Any one have a clue as how to get them used to the darn thing?

  150. Peggy on February 1st, 2009

    I have a pug who struggles everytime her nails were done. I bought the Pedi-paws at the local Staples. It took me several days to get her used to it and now she sits on my lap and I can do her nails without help! I have used it on my cat and he was fine with it, but not very patient. I agree with larger dogs it is not as effective, it takes too long with my 40 pound chow-mix. For the little dog, it has worked out fine. Thanks for the warning about dealing with company though.
    I recommend it for small breeds. I have not had any problems with it running or stopping and I like that it slows or stops with too much pressure. I feel safer using it.

  151. Arleen on February 1st, 2009

    Thank you all for your comments – I’m retired and can’t afford to throw my money away on useless junk. Hooray for sites like this one.

  152. Bill Paschal on February 2nd, 2009

    Feb.01.2009—-I just received mine yesterday and BOY I wish I had waited to read the reviews on this product!! What a SHOCK to find that for 19.95 my cost was 71.95!!!!!! They charged extra for handling blah blah blah..what a rip off!!!!! STAY AWAY>.it ain’t worth it..

  153. Cindy on February 7th, 2009

    This thing doesn’t work at all on small toy breeds it seems geared more towad medium size dogs. The guard prevents you from seeing the small claws which will ultimatelt cause injury if you continue unless you constantly check with each rotation. On top of that the replacement sanding tips are expensive in my opinion. You can get rechargeable sanding tools with identical bits similar to a Dremel tool that also has low variable speeds. These tools are actually more quiet than the Pedipaws. That is an asset when working with small toy dogs that frighten easily. You can find them at large retailer outlets and the replacement sanding tips are much cheaper and can be bought in smaller amounts. Much more convenient and cost-effective than a PediPaws.

  154. Heather on February 11th, 2009

    I highly recommend the Pedipaws. I have an English Bull Terrier (a larger breed) and I am able to use the standard version… not the version with the “stronger” motor. This has made my life so much easier trimming my dogs nails. She is a little scared of the vibration of the wheel hitting her nails once in a while but she does very well otherwise and even lays on her back to get her nails done now. I am very happy with the Pedipaws product. Worth every cent for a less stressful scenario for my little girl. :)

  155. Jim on February 11th, 2009

    I bought the PediPaws at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 19.95 less 20% with their coupon. My 10 pound Daschund was terribly afraid of the Dremmel as it make more noise and the higher rpm of the tool heats the little dogs nail quickly thus making it even more freighting for the dog. The PediPaw works great if your take your time. It takes about 20 minutes to do my dogs nails.

  156. Louise Dickens on February 15th, 2009

    I wish I knew what a scam this company is running before ordering the PediPaws. My 15 lb Boston Terrier was scared to death of the noise so I called PediPaws toll free number to get the correct address to return it to. The said as soon as they received it back they would credit my account. That was Sept. 15, 08 and I still haven’t received my credit on my credit card despite calling 5 times and being reassured I would receive a credit in 7-10 days. I told the last person I spoke to in January that I had no confidence I would ever receive a credit and she promised she would personally see to it. Guess what, that was Jan. 5th and it is now Feb. 15th and still no credit. I am calling my bank and disputing the charge tomorrow. Don’t deal with these people! You will never get a credit if you return the product despite their guarantee.

  157. Bob on February 18th, 2009

    Pedipaws does not work well at all. Customer service is terrible. They refuse to take back the product. Save your money. Buy something else and avoid the problems.

  158. Cindy on February 19th, 2009

    Turned it on once so my dog could hear and see it. Next time it wouldn’t turn on, even with brand new batteries. Customer service is essentially non-existant.

  159. scott on February 20th, 2009

    I ordered pedipaws online because i thought it would be easier and faster…WAS I EVER WRONG!!! I was planning on ordering 3 of the pedipaws (one for myself and the other two for xmas gifts) I made my order on 12-04-2008. During the process of ordering online I had also agreed to order the replacement head sets for each of the pedipaws I was ordering. I was then asked if I would like to upgrade to the premium pedipaw (for however much more) and I checked “yes” By the end of my order there was NO confirmation on what I had ordered. Apparently I had ordered 3 of the regular pedipaws, 3 of the premium pedipaws, and 6 sets of replacement heads. I was charged $275.76 for this order. WTF!!! THAT IS NOT!!! WHAT I WANTED ORDERED!!! I immediately called pedipaws to tell them what had happened, when I did talk to someone they said that since my order was just placed they was unable to pull up my account to fix it and I should call back in a couple days. I called back in a couple days and was then told that the order had already been made and they couldnt do anything for me. So I asked them what I needed to do to cancel my order for a full refund. I was told to wait to receive the package and call pedipaws back to get a RMA (Returned Merchandice Authorization) number and write the RMA number on the UNOPENED package and send it back for a full refund. So thats exactly what I did. It was about 01-08-09 before I noticed a PARTIAL refund on my credit card for $149.90 So again I called them back to find out what was going on and why I was only refunded a partial amount. Of course nobody at pedipaws could give me an answer and I was told that maybe since it was just past the holidays that the process is going a little slow. BS but i waited and called back on 01-15-2009 to try again with the pedipaws customer service. Again nobody could tell me anything, I asked to speak with a supervisor or management and I was told that they did not have a supervisor or any management there to speak to…(What kind of job has NO supervisor or management on site???) and they would email management about my problem. So I waited another 3 weeks and checked my credit card statement to see that I had not received anymore of my full refund that I was waiting on. So I called them back on 02-09-2009 and wanted to know what was going on and where was the rest of my refund. The lady I spoke with this time seemed a little more helpful and told me she would email management to get ahold of me about the problem I have been having. Well I never did hear from anyone but what did I expect. Now today I checked my credit card statement to see if I had received the rest of my refund. I was refunded another $75.96 to my account but I’m still short $49.90. So I called them back again and I was told that I would not be refunded the $49.90 because that was the shipping charges. By this time I am pissed and supposedly spoke with some sort of management and I argued with her about not being refunded the shipping amount. I thought she was rude and would not listen to me. She said she would email pedipaws headquarters and let them know that I was disputing the shipping charges. I asked how long I will have to wait this time before I received the rest of my refund, she told me 3 to 5 weeks. Now I am waiting another 3 weeks to call them back to check on the rest of my refund.

    I hope my incident will help you decide NOT to purchase pedipaws.


  160. MikeC on February 28th, 2009

    I bought it at the grocery store for $19.99 on a whim. I used it tonight for the first time. I’m lucky, my dog is docile, she laid there and took it (a little reluctantly).

    Her nails haven’t been cared for in years and they are over grown. The dew claws we very sharp!

    I thought it worked well. It is under powered, if you press too hard, the thing slows down. The little sander seemed to make it through this “Trimming”.

    I really didn’t think of using a Dremmel. I have one I bought at Costco for $26 came with a million attachments, there must be a drum sander in there too.

    I will use this again with the included extra sander. But when it’s done, I will type the Dremmel.

    Items like this tend to appear in the mall about a year after they are on TV for about 50% less. So if you’re interested in. Wait till this summer and start looking in the stores like Big Lots or Ross. I’m sure it will be $9.99 soon.

    It’s not a bad product, it could have more power, use fresh batteries! If you’ve got a Dremmel, then try it out. Or go check out Costco or Sams Club and get a Dremmel there for under $40.

    2.5 out of 5 stars

  161. Kathy on February 28th, 2009

    The Quickfinder nail clipper is better than the pedipaws. Its about the same price, but much better product.

  162. admin on February 28th, 2009

    Ok guys I’m going to stop approving new comments on this post because we got 161 replies over the last 6 months and most people are basically saying the same thing over and over in their replies now. Please do not comment anymore on this post, it will not be published. I want to make sure this page doesn’t get too long and people will have enough time to read all the current comments. Thanks for your guys responses it has been helpful for everyone.

  163. yep-me too on July 24th, 2010

    I certainly wish I had read this blog before buying the Pedipaws. I have a dachshund and this product took forever to grind the nail at all but it also kept stopping as soon as I put any pressure on the thing. So I could just barely hold the nail against the band and it just wouldn’t hardly touch the nail. I hope others read this blog before they make the same mistake that many of us on here have committed.

  164. Case on March 3rd, 2011

    DON’T use a Dremel! It is far too powerful and runs of 110v/220v and even the slowest speed is too much power. Also, its far far heavier and more difficult to maneuver delicately. It has a cord and that gets tangled up with a moving dog.
    The Pedi Paw power can be improved with alkaline batteries and nor pressing down too hard so as to not stall the motor.
    I have used it on a Maltese and a 100lb Rottweiler. No problem. neither objected to the very very slight noise.