Glucosamine for Dogs

March 16th, 2011 by Paul Johnson

Glucosamine is a common ingredient in joint supplements for dogs. Glucosamine is used for healing arthritis and hip dysplasia in dogs. Glucosamine is also in joint supplements for humans too. The reason why Glucosamine is popular for dogs and humans is because it has so much evidence showing how well it works. Glucosamine is the one ingredient that every supplement for treating dog arthritis and hip dysplasia must contain. Glucosamine is the only natural ingredient that can work significantly when taken by itself. Most joint supplements also contain other ingredients besides Glucosamine, that work well in conjunction for even better results.

Glucosamine Science

Joint Cartilage is made up mainly of compounds called glycosaminoglycans. Glucosamine actually can convert in the body to glycosaminoglycans. According to studies, when taking Glucosamine orally, it does increase levels in the body. Therefore Glucosamine can be taken in oral form and does indeed “find it’s way” to the joint. Studies further show that Glucosamine actually does build it back up again if it’s been damaged from arthritis. Glucosamine not only plays a structural role on cartilage, but research shows it reduces inflammation at the joints. Arthritis actually means inflammation of the joints. Reducing inflammation in the joint area can reduce the pain and prevent further damage at the joints. Since Glucosamine can actually convert to the cartilage and reduce inflammation, it should help reverse a dog’s arthritis and hip dysplasia. Studies indicate that it takes a few weeks for Glucosamine to kick in.

Best Glucosamine Supplements For Dogs

There are many Glucosamine based joint supplement brands on the market for dogs. I’ve had great experience with Cosequin. It has Glucosamine and in addition, various other proven ingredients. A good glucosamine supplement for dogs should have more than Glucosamine. When you stack together ingredients you get a better synergistic effect than simply taking more of the same ingredient. Some ingredients are added to work to reduce arthritic pain and others work on different parts of the joint area to give a synergistic effect.