FURminator Review

July 8th, 2009 by Paul Johnson

furminator review

Dog shedding can be a major pain. Using a regular comb or brush daily isn’t very efficient way to remove fur. If you want to remove a lot of fur very quickly from a dog, then the Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is what I recommend. I had previously used regular combs, brushes, and the Zoom Groom. I thought the Zoom Groom was pretty good brush compred to others, until I bought the Furminator. The Furminator does a much better job of getting rid of the undercoat fur. It gets rid of some of the topcoat, but mainly the undercoat which is responsible for a lot of the shedding. There is no sharp edge on the comb part of the blade, so it won’t hurt the dog. My dog never seemed in pain or uncomfortable and I didn’t find any redness or skin irritation on his skin. In fact he enjoyed it and wagged his tail when I would bring it out. Our dog shedded a lot less with it, when we used it regularly, so it works as advertised.

There is different blade sizes depending on your dog’s size (small,medium, or large). They also have Furminator models for cats. Make sure you use the Furminator on clean dry groomed fur. If the fur is all tangled or wet or dirty, you should go over it with a regular comb or something else first. You will have to replace the blades occasionally according the manafacturer, when it gets dull. I haven’t had to replace it after hundreds of uses, but maybe I’m having trouble figuring out when it’s dull. I recommend you buy the Furminator through EntirelyPets.com . They have a coupon code FURMSPECIAL15 available that allows you 15 dollars instantly off the Large and medium Furminator. They also have some videos demonstrating the use of the product.

  1. nybokey on July 8th, 2009

    The FURminator is fantastic. I have three dogs that all shed; two are Shepherd mixes with undercoats that drop a lot of fur. For my dogs, the FURminator really does an effective job of undercoat removal, leaving a pile of fur just like the commercials promise, and the dogs don’t seem to mind it as long as you don’t rush the process. Remember that it is pulling hair and cutting it, so using high-speed stroked will not be a pleasant experience for the dog.

    One of my worries was that the cost of the FURminator for large dogs like mine. I was fairly reticent to shell out $60 for it. But I am very happy I did, and I’d say my dogs are, too. I have found FURminator to be a much more humane tool than shedding rakes, whose big teeth were uncomfortable; better than slicker combs that scratched and irritated the skin of my black-coat dogs; and better than fine-toothed shedding combs that just pull the fur out. FURminator calls on the most effective aspects of all the other tools and gets it right.

    Don’t use the FURminator on anything other than clean, dry fur. It’s NOT a detangler; you should remove knots or clumps before you use the FURminator.

  2. Amber on September 29th, 2010

    The Furminator is a great choice for long haired dogs. My husky mix is constantly shedding and bothering my husband’s allergies. I have to admit at first I was really skeptical about spending so much on a grooming tool when I won’t spend that much on a flat iron for myself. If you have sticker-shock at your local pet supply store, I highly recommend purchasing this item on Amazon.com I spent less than 20.00 including shipping on it, vs the $60 at the local pet store. Great tool for the dog, works better than any other grooming tool I’ve tried,my dog loves it, but not sure that I’d pay retail for it.