Doggy Steps

May 12th, 2010 by Paul Johnson

Doggy Steps

Recently a product called Doggy Steps has been advertised on TV. Doggy Steps is a little ramp you can use to make it easier for dogs to go up your couch, bed, or anything else. I wish I had thought of this product when we used to have an arthritic dog who also had hip dysplasia. It made him struggle to get up on the couch. I used to help him get up on it cause he loved to get up on our couch. Doggy Steps can be very useful for older dogs who suffer arthritis. Many dogs also suffer hip dysplasia or will develop problems from it later in life. Our dog’s hip dysplasia got worse as he got older. These doggy steps can help prevent the strain a dog has from jumping up on your couch or bed constantly. This can help delay some of the problems associated with Hip dysplasia, which is a hip joint problem and many dogs have to be put to sleep because it becomes so debilitating for them.

You might have seen the Doggy Steps advertise on TV. They sale them off the Telebrands website. I don’t recommend you buy it directly from Telebrands. Ever since people have been complaining about ordering problems when buying another Telebrands product called Pedipaws, I don’t trust buying it directly from their sites. Instead you can buy Doggy Steps through the Amazon site. It’s a few dollars cheaper at Amazon than if you bought it through the distributor sites and Amazon backs up your order with their A-Z guarantee. I looked around for an alternative dog stairs or ramp product to Doggy Steps, but they were all much more costly. Most were around 60-250 dollars and achieved the same thing as Doggy Steps.

  1. Judy on August 3rd, 2010

    My friend used these steps for her aging dog and loved them. They are great for people with senior dogs that have trouble getting up on things.

  2. Jane Warrick on April 4th, 2011

    What are the dimensions of the 3-step and 4-step?