Dog Hip Dysplasia

August 23rd, 2010 by Paul Johnson

Our German Shepherd Mix dog suffered from Hip Dysplasia for most of his life. We had always heard that German Shepherds are in particular suspectible to it. Genetics appear not to be the only cause though, weight gains as they grow as a puppy may be another factor.

Signs your dog may be developing Hip Dysplasia

From my personal experience I’m going to list some things I noticed that were caused by my dog’s hip dysplasia.

1) After very vigorous excercise your dog starts to limp.

2) Your dog has trouble getting up after laying down.

3) Your dog has trouble climbing things.

4) Your dog runs with his back legs suddenly in a different way, (i.e, not alternating his back legs properly or favoring one side of his back legs during running).

Treatment of Dog Hip Dysplasia

Dog Hip Dysplasia can become very painful and debilitating so it’s important to look for a treatment if you can. Our dog died of cancer and we didn’t have to put him to sleep because of hip dysplasia, but as he got older his hip dysplasia got worse. I had always thought Hip Dysplasia was genetically caused and there wasn’t much you could do to reverse it once it developed. Eventually we found a supplement called Cosequin, that claimed to help dog arthritis and hip dysplasia. Cosequin really helped my dog’s hip dysplasia and arthritis pain. I was very surprised that it worked as well as it did. If your dog is showing signs of hip dysplasia, I would put him on Cosequin. Ive tried it on my pets and cosequin worked well. Sometimes the hip dysplasia is so far advanced that not even supplements or prescriptions can help. You may need to look into surgery for severe cases, which can increase mobility and reduce pain.

  1. Kathleen on January 25th, 2011

    our dog is six years old and was very active up untill 3 months ago. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with hip displasia and prescrbed pain medication. her condition haas regressed as now she cant walk on her right hind leg and it looks like her foot has atropheed, she has stopped eat and loosing wieght. Can any of these suppliments help her or is already too late.