Dog Bloat

March 4th, 2011 by Paul Johnson

I recently was watching Dogs101 on Animalplanet and they mentioned some dog breeds and would talk about some of their common health risks. They mentioned dog bloat and said it was common among large breeds, like dysplasia. I had vaguely heard in the past about some stomach bloat condition dogs get. I didn’t realize how common and easy and dangerous it is for certain dogs to get Dog Bloat, until I researched further on it. I am glad I did and feel it is important for every dog owner to know everything they can about it.

Bloating of the dog’s stomach called Dog Bloat or scientifically as Gastric Torsion or Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), is a life threatening condition needing quick emergency action. Dog Bloat seems to only effect dogs that are large, like about 60 lbs or so. Certain dogs may especially be susceptible, as a high risk of developing Dog bloat may run in families. It doesn’t appear that anyone has definitively pinpointed all the exact causes of Dog Bloat. The most common held belief is it is caused by eating a large meal and drinking a lot of water and then soon after doing vigorous excercise. Some think it may be also caused by eating certain types of food or ingredients and many other factors. The main thing to know the difference between a dog having Dog Bloat and just a upset stomach or illness is that dogs with bloat try to repeatedly vomit every few minutes, but nothing comes out. That seems to be the most common attribute among all dogs suffering with bloat.

I encourage you to read more about Dog bloat if you own a large dog breed. Here are just a couple sources Bloat in Dogs and Gastric Torsion/Bloat in Dogs. A good dog lover movie you might want to see is Marley and Me that addresses this topic and makes you really aware of it too.