Dangerous Ingredients & Additives in Mainstream Dog Food

March 3rd, 2011 by Paul Johnson

The most important thing you can do for your dog is what you feed him on a daily basis. Over the years as I’ve learned more about what is put in human foods I also learned how much worse mainstream dog food.

Most of the common commercial brands you see in your local grocery store are loaded with grains. Dogs are carnivores not omnivores, they should be eating mainly meat in their diet! Grains are a common allergen for Dogs. These grains, especially corn, aren’t healthy for dogs or even humans. Corn and wheat are often contaminated with a natural fungus, so aren’t healthy for human or dog. Years ago, dog food used to be mainly meat, but now it is full of cheap grain and wheat and other things to cut costs.

In the meat they do use, it is inferior meat in most mainstream dog foods. Usually what is leftover of a carcass is what is thrown in dog food. The fatty or indigestable or unhealthy parts of the animal like ligaments or lungs or intestines is the kind of things that are put in dog food. Once again, it is a way to cut cost. It gets even worse, some of those animals have been euthanized and then ground up into the dog food. The drug that they use to kill them pentobarbitol is left in the dog food. According to this news story 43 common brands including Ken L Ration, Kibbles and Bits, Kibbles and Bits Puppy, Nutro, Walmarts “Ole Roy”, Trailblazer, and more had trace amounts of pentobarbitol.

Finally, another way they make pet food even less healthy is by adding dangerous additives like preservatives. Some of them are banned or not even allowed for human consumption by the FDA! None of these pet foods have any organic ingredients free from pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones just like mainstream human food.

You may be wondering what you can do to avoid inferior meats, grain filled dog food that is organic and full of natural ingredients. Well forget all the national brand dog foods. None are good for you. Instead I recommend you check out all the natural dog food’s at Only Natural Pet Store. They only carry natural dog foods, none of the cheap or unhealthy stuff you find mainstream. There are different formulas and types of dog Food, the most expensive brands tend to be the most healthy for your dog, using only organic, whole high quality meat, and grain free.