Drug Experimentation Research on Dogs

Drug experimentation research Beagle dogs

I never used to really think about drug experimentation on dogs and cats, but I recently researched the issue and was shocked at what I was reading. Experimentation in a laboratory setting in the U.S on dogs, goes all the way back to 1913 when Nobel Prize winner Alexis Carrel discovered transplant rejection (Carrel A (1910) J Exper Med 12, 146).

To make matters worse, a lot of these drugs are experimented for stuff that isn’t even a life or death decision or an improvement over other drugs they are replacing. For example, in the U.K during the 90’s to test Viagra, they removed the foreskin of the penis and electric shocked it during their tests on beagles. They not only test on pharmaceutical drugs, but also agricultural and food additives. Why are dogs being tested on stuff that doesn’t need to be added to food in the first place and stuff that is used on crops? Even the U.S government has done some testing, they admitted they did cyanide poison tests and a new form of tear gas (I-MCHT) testing in the 80’s on beagles.

Right now one of the most dispicable current researchers is Dr. Billman. He has received dozens of grants from the U.S government to test and kill beagle dogs. In this recent 2007 grant Dr. Billman gave the beagles a heart attack by having them run on a treadmill while he expanded a balloon in their heart! He was to kill 120 dogs from this experiment, only to find out the cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, the same fat that is in naturally in nuts, fish, and flaxseed oil.

What I don’t understand is how dog abuse is illegal in the U.S and europe yet we are clearly abusing dogs. What really outrages me is that we are doing it for even trivial things, all in the name of profit.