Meet Joey – Anatolian Shepherd, German Shepherd Mix

Anatolian Shepherd, German Shepherd

Joey is a young Anatolian German Shepherd Mix dog, who is waiting for a nice loving home. He is currently located at the Operation Kindness shelter in Carrollton, TX, which is near the major city Irving, Texas.

The dog was obtained along with other 30 dogs from a hoarder and has no signs of aggression. This puppy could be a good find for a family of all ages, who wants to raise a dog for many years. The shelter will also provide microchip and the first 30 days of health coverage for free. You can read the rest of Joey’s profile.

Meet Bruno a German Shepherd & Great Pyrenees Mix

German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix

I want to tell you about a lovable 10 year old German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix named Bruno. His owner is fighting in Iraq and unfortunately the caretaker can’t take care of him any longer, which has saddened the owner. The dog must go up for adoption. He is used to a loving owner for 10 years, so let’s hope he gets adopted by someone who can replace him.

Bruno can be adaptable to all situations, with or without a cat, dog, or children. He loves outdoors, but he also can be kept indoors. Bruno is 110 lbs, so if your looking for a big lovable giant and live in the Washington area, you might want to think of adopting Bruno. Read additional information about Bruno. You can adopt him through the dog shelter Old Dog Haven in Arlington, WA. The dog currently resides in Olympia, WA with the caregiver, until he is adopted.

Meet Floyd – Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Floyd is a Corgi German Shepherd mix, of unknown age, waiting for adoption at Pasados Safe Haven, in Sultan Washington.

Floyd is a lovable dog who can live with cats and kids. He is a very cute dog with lot’s of energy, but also loves to cuddle. Floyd was dumped by his previous owner, so he needs a owner to give him the attention he never received! He is neutered and up to date on shots. You can read more of Floyd’s profile here.

Meet Crissy (Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Crissy is a 1 year old Pit Bull Terrier Mix who is currently awaiting adoption in the North County Humane Society & SPCA in Oceanside, California. Oceanside is located along the coast of southern california.

Crissy is up to date on all of her shots. Many people are afraid of adopting pit bulls, but I can tell you it’s how they are raised. Crissy is reported by the shelter to be a quiet gentle dog that is leash trained. She is a bit scared of loud or sudden movements, so they prefer a home with older kids.

Click here to read more about Crissy, contact the shelter by email, or see additional pets from North County SPCA,

Meet Jerry Rice – Labrador Retriever, Border Collie

Labrador retriever border collie mix

Meet Jerry Rice, a Labrador Retriever Border Collie Mix Dog. He is currently being held in the Livingston Police Department Animal Shelter. Livingston is a small town in central california, just south of Modesto. The dog was picked up because he somehow got away from his previous owner.

I love black labradors. In fact last night one of them got away from an owner and came to our house last night. We thought something was breaking into our house, but when we opened the door a big lab dog was there out of breath panting like crazy and as we opened the door he ran in our house. It was hot outside and we gave him some water and then put him outside. He had his dog tags so we eventually looked up the numbers outside and through the vet, got in contact with the owner and it’s now with the rightful owner. The dog was very docile and playful. He was even whimpering and barking for our attention as we had him in the backyard as we waited for the real owner to come and get him. I’ve never seen a misbehaving or bad labrador. Black labs are one of my favorite because they are such nice friendly family dogs. This dog also looks like he has border collie. Border collie are considered one of the smartest breeds, so this dog should be a great dog for anyone!

Read more about Jerry Rice here.

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Pet Zoom Nail Groom Review

The Pet Zoom Nail Groom just recently started advertising on T.V. You can only buy the Pet Zoom Nail Groom through their website at Pet Zoom also has other pet grooming products on the market. The Pet Zoom Nail Groom is supposed to gently and painlessly file down a dog and cat’s nails. I purchased one to see how well it works.

The Pet Zoom Nail Groom appears to be a direct competitor to another nail grooming product advertised in T.V that I bought in the same price range called the PediPaws. You can read my previous PediPaws Review. Like the Pedipaws, I found it wasn’t really adequate. You really get what you pay for only 20 dollars, which is a underpowered engine. When trimming a large dog it is difficult to cut the dogs nails. I didn’t try it on a smaller dog breed, but I don’t think it would do that well with a smaller dog either. They give you their Pet Zoom comb and cut as a bonus for free, but if you are looking for a serious dog nail trimmer that’s built to last, you should instead get the Dremel or Peticure.

You can purchase the Pet Zoom Nail Groom at at a cheaper price than if you bought it directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Meet Gucci Terrier, Poodle Mix

Terrier Poodle Mix

Gucci is a senior Terrier Poodle Mix of 8 to 10 years old. He has lived all of his life with his brother Armani until their owner died. He is currently located in Southern California in Glendale, CA at the Glendale Humane Society as he awaits for someone to adopt him and his brother.

The shelter is preferably looking for someone who is willing to adopt his brother Armani together, since both of them have lived together all their lives. Gucci is older and is not recommended for kids and cats. I think these 2 dogs would be best for an older couple. You can read Gucci’s full profile.

Meet Toby a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

Toby is a Shepherd Rottweiler mix and he is 13 years old. You can find him for adoption at the Truckee / Lake Tahoe Humane Society

My heart just melted seeing this photo after learning he had been tied to a chain most of his life! Although he is 13 he is a gentle dog and great for a older couple who wants to give this dog a life he never got. The Truckee humane society is in the northern California foothills region.

See Toby’s profile here