Dr. Frank’s Joint Pain Relief For Dogs & Cats Review

Dr. Frank is the creator of the product Dr. Frank’s Joint Pain Relief Spray for Dogs & Cats. You may have recently seen teh advertisement on T.V or run across his website at petpainspray.com or mypetspainrelief.com. He also sells another version of the spray, but for humans at nopainspray.com . Dr. Frank advertises his Pet Pain Spray as a homeopathic cure for arthritis pain, that magically cures it within a couple weeks. The official listed ingredients are HPUS Byronia Alba 6C, Calcarea Carbonica 30C, Calcarea Phosphorica 6C, Causticum 30C, Mercurius vivus 30C, Rhus toxicodendron 6C, Ruta graveolens 30C, Silicea 6C, Sulphur 6C.

6 C means that it was diluted six times by a factor of 100 so the final dilution will be .000000000001 , which is 1 part per 1 trillion! So small I don’t think it could even be detected by many commercial water chemical testing devices. What is the point if all the ingredients are extremely diluted? All the ingredients are so diluted it’s basically nothing except the following inactive ingredients: Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate and Natural Flavors.

Even if the concentrations were higher to be effective, you would have to take a leap of faith to first believe that a homeopathic remedy of these ingredients can be effective. The product has Rhus Toxicodendron, which I know some have tried to use to help relieve arthritis pain. Although Rhus toxicodendron is actually the stuff in poison ivy. I’m not sure if using poison ivy is exactly a good idea though. Of course according to Dr. Frank, it won’t cause poison ivy outbreaks because it’s too diluted which we already know. Everything in the product is too diluted to work. Some like White Bryonry Vine or Mercurius Vivus (derived from Mercury), are potentially dangerous poisons. Once again he says the Mercurius Vivus is too diluted to not cause problems.

The disgruntled chemist took a No Pain Challenge of the human version (No Pain Spray) to see if it worked. After 2 weeks, he found it did not relieve his arthritis. Dr. Frank offers a 30 day money back guarantee, but that is not enough time usually to figure out that it wouldn’t work and send it back. Remember, supplements do not have to be proven to work for them to make far reaching claims. I should also note that right now Dr. Frank has it setup that if you order a bottle, he will automatically bill you next month on your credit card for next month. The only way to stop it is to cancel. That shows he how shady his tactics are, so beware! If you want something effective you could either try asprin or I would look at Flexpet , since it’s ingredient is backed by many studies for helping arthritis.

Peticure Review


When I saw the ad on TV for the Peticure (official website at Peticure.com ), I decided to order one. A year ago I had already ordered the Dremel, a popular rotary grinder to shorten my dog’s nails because my dog couldn’t stand traditional nail clippers. The vets didn’t usually do much more than a tiny trim of his nails either. Although the Dremel was a definite improvement over the traditional nail clippers it had it’s cons. When using the Dremel, the debris from the nails would fly all over and it was loud and it skipped over the nails quite a bit.

There is three Peticure models, peticure petite for small dogs and the peticure elite for all dogs and cats, and the Peticure power which has twice the power and is smaller than the other Peticure models. I ordered the peticure elite for my medium sized German Shepherd dog. The vibration that the Peticure gives off made my dog a little antsy at first to want to get near it. It won’t look as easy as the commercial portrays. It will certainly be easier for your dog to get used to it than nail clipping, but it will take some time for him to adjust. The Peticure is still fairly quiet, it just gives off vibration and noise your dog is not used to. The Peticure didn’t really grind down the nail as short as I would have hoped either.

The Peticure is cordless, which makes it easier to use. All the Peticure models include the safeguard, which helps catch nail debris and secure the nail to the grinder. You will have to replace the Peticure filing bands once in awhile. The peticure elite only comes with 3 bands. It’s a bit of a hassle to have to keep going to their website for refills. The price isn’t too bad, you refill 20 more for $14.99. Each band should last a few sessions each, but the money will add up a lot over the long run. Peticure also sales a Peticure Safe Guard by itself to attach to the Dremel, which keeps nail debris from flying when using the Dremel tool nail grinder. The Dremel is a power tool found commercially that some use for purpose of filing their dog’s nails. You can read more about the Dremel from a previous post of mine.

You can order the Peticure on Amazon.com. I recommend buying it from Amazon instead of direct from the manufacturer’s official site because some have had some complaints on their orders through peticure.com and it’s a lot cheaper on Amazon too.

PediPaws Review

Pedipaws review
You may have seen the dog nail trimmer advertised on TV recently, called the PediPaws. PediPaws is a nail grinder that smoothly grinds off your dogs nails. This is an alternative to regular painful dog nail clipping. The product works similiar to Peticure, but at a much cheaper price. Our friend actually bought one a couple weeks ago, so I was able to see how it works.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for because it’s basically a cheap knock off of the Peticure. For those who don’t know, the Peticure is similiar to PediPaws and is also advertised on TV, before the PediPaws. In both the Peticure and Pedipaws, you have a hole you can insert the nail in to choose to grind. However, the PediPaws only has one, whereas the Peticure has many sizes. This makes it more difficult to do large dogs on the PediPaws. The PediPaws also holds less dust and there is some problems with the nail dust clogging.

In the end I lent our friend the Peticure and they could notice a much easier time doing their large dog. They are actually ordered a Peticure for themselves now. The power on the Pedipaws also is a little weaker than the Peticure, making it slower and not as smooth, especially with a large dog’s nails. Even though the PediPaws is cheaper, the difference in price is only about 20 bucks from the Peticure. Therefore, I recommend you buy instead the Peticure or even the Dremel.

You can buy the PediPaws at Petstreetmall.com for a cheaper price than if you bought it direct from the manafacturer’s website. I recommend you buy it only through an independent pet store like PetStreetMall.com or Walmart and not direct from the Telebrands sites (Pedipaws.com, PediPawsTrimmer.com, and PetslovePediPaws.com, etc.) because many are complaining of ordering problems from them.

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