I decided to order this UGODOG dog litter/potty product after I got tired of having to let my puppy out to go to the bathroom and having to clean up the poo he left periodically all over the backyard. I like UGODOG cause the dog can go pee or poo in the crate and not make a mess everywhere cause it passes through the grates into the tray. You simply just change the pads underneath and wipe anything off the top of the grate. You dont even need the pads, you can even just empty it into your toilet.

The only thing I needed to do was train my dog to use it. If your dog is older he may not be able to be trained for it but if you got a puppy like me he eventually learned to use it. I would imagine UGODOG is even more important product for someone who lives in an apartment or condo with not much or any backyard. You can order UGODOG at their official site

Arthro-ionx Review

ArthroIonX claims it can help treat arthritis and hip dysplasia for dogs and other pets. As dogs get older, they often suffer from arthritis pain or a problem in their hips called hip dysplasia.

Arthro-ionx is based on something in alternative medicine I don’t believe can work, called Homeopathy. I’ve never been convinced of homeopathy for multiple reasons. The main reason being that even if the ingredients they used actually worked the concentration is so diluted it can’t work significantly. In arthro-ionx the homeopathic concentrations are listed as 10X,20X, and 30X concentration. In homeopathic terms that means only parts per million, which is almost undetectable. A concentration so low that for example, arsenic is allowed in our drinking water at levels much higher than 10 to 30X used in arthro-ionx for the “active ingredients”. Therefore the product is almost virtually just water.

Homeopathy has never really been proven in studies to work either and most people in the nutrition and science community balk at it. Although Vetionx does give a 90 day guarantee for Arthroionx, I say don’t bother with their homeopathic remedy and try FlexPet instead. Cosequin actually uses ingredients that have many studies to back it up and there is no dilution like there is with homeopathy. These ingredients are even used in human joint supplements. The product is specifically for dogs and cats.

Pet Bounce Review

Pet Bounce is a product sold at They claim to help relieve arthritis pain and other join problems for dogs and cats. They offer one bottle for free. This gives the impression that the product is good since they are so confident in giving away one product for free. However, they make some pretty bold claims and I’m going to answer the question on whether its a scam or not.

Pet Bounce is considered a homeopathic remedy. I have a lot of reservations about homeopathic remedies in general, not just PetBounce. I honestly think homeopathic remedies in general are scams. This is why I gave a negative review on another homeopathic arthritis dog spray called Dr. Franks pet pain spray. The biggest reason why I think these homeopathic remedies won’t work is because the parts per million in the solution is so small, that its basically nonexistent. It’s like one part per millions. That;s what the C and the X means when they list the ingredients in pet bounce. Its very miniscule to basically have no effect on the body. The other reason why I’m skeptical is because none of these ingredients have tons of research backing them up like your traditional joint supplements that I do recommend. Pet Bounce contains Apis mellifica, Belladonna, Caulphyllum, Colchicum autumnale, Rhus toxicodendron, Ruta graveolens, none of which Im convinced are effective join solutions that solve the root problems. Even if they were good ingredients like I said the solution is so water downed it couldn’t work as intended. Its basically placebo water.

In conclusion, I believe they give the free bottle of PetBounce away because the active ingredients are so low that they are basically selling water placebo. They can afford to have a few people not buy Pet Bounce after they give out some samples, if they get a few out of dozens to buy it because of the placebo effect. Also upon further investigation I found out they own dozens of other websites under an affiliate program with a cheap sale type landing page like PetBounce. If your looking for a dog and cat joint supplements that work well, I suggest you look at Cosequin . I have tried it on my animals and have done a lot of research on their ingredients. I go over more detail on dog joint supplements in general on one of my articles on joint supplements for dogs. Im confident Cosequin should work for most people since the ingredients are proven by lots of research, experience, and a lot of them are even used in human remedies.

Pawwws Pet Treadmills

Pawwws Pet Treadmills

Many people in this day and age are getting not only more health conscious for themselves, but for their pets too. Supplements and organic dog foods are a great way to increase the health of your dog. It’s also important to give them regular exercise. They can get the exercise they need from the comfort of your home with the Pawws pet treadmills. These treadmills are perfectly sized for your dog and come in more than one size depending on the size of your dog.

There is many reasons why you may need to get a pet treadmill such as; If you have trouble having enough time to go out and play with your dog, he is overweight, or he is very hyperactive and has a lot of pent up energy, or it is too hot or cold at certain times of the year for the dog to play. Pawwws Pet Treadmills is a great way for them to get a lot of walking or running in these situations. They are the only company that specializes in pet treadmills. You can learn more about Pawwws Pet Treadmills at their official site – Dog Food Secrets Review

Dog Food Secrets ebook sold at is to help make you aware of all the dangerous things added to mainstream dog food and what kind of foods your dog should avoid. I’ve always advocated healthy natural dog food for dogs because for many years I been aware of all the toxic and unhealthy things added to commercial dog food. I bought the Dog Food Secrets ebook online awhile back because I wanted to learn additional information on the issue and because it included many other useful things in its package.

Dog Food Secrets Overview

Dog Food Secrets Review

The main ebook is Dog Food Secrets, which is 82 pages long. The book gives a very comprehensive overview of dog nutrition and which foods are best for your dog. I found the book to be an easy read, you don’t have to be a scientist or experienced in nutrition to understand what the author is saying.

In addition to this book you get other things as apart of the Gold package including The Confidential Dog Food Report. This tells you what dog foods sold commercially are dangerous and which ones are considered healthy to buy. The package also comes with a book called 23 Doggy Treats. This will tell you how to make your own healthy and tasty dog treats. You also will get another booklet with 140 dog food recipes to make your own dog food meals. The Dog is a booklet that gives you 436 pages of detailed information on dog breeds. The package also comes with other good recipe and dog information booklets.


I believe Dog Food Secrets is worth the price for only 57 dollars for the Gold package. The knowledge you gain from finding out what dangerous things are in dog food and how to prepare or buy healthy dog foods could add years to your dogs life. There is hundreds of recipes and dog nutrition information and much more. Dog Food Secrets comes with a 8 week moneyback guarantee honored by Clickbank so there is no risk to try it out.

Cosequin Review

Cosequin is a supplement to help alleviate arthritis pain and joint problems in Dogs, Cats, and other pets. Cosequin is one of the hottest selling supplements for dog’s because many dog’s suffer from joint problems and it is a very effective supplement.

Cosequin DS (Double strength) for dogs ingredients are: Glucosamine (500mg), Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate (400mg), Ascorbate (33mg), and Manganese (5mg). If you already have a lot of knowledge like me in supplements, you will know how important Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate are in helping with joint problems. Many humans already take that exact supplement combination together for helping their own joint problems. Glucosamine and Chondroitin have a wide range of research supporting their ability to help alleviate and even reverse joint problems and pain. Cosequin can be useful for arthritis pain and even hip displasia, a common hip problem seen in large dog breeds.

When Glucosamine and Chondroitin are taken together, like in Cosequin, they have a much more significant synergistic effect according to research. According to research it takes a few weeks for Glucosamine and Chondroitin to take a significant effect, so be patient and don’t expect the results immediately. I think a better product is Flexpet for the ingredients and price. You can buy it at Amazon

Doggy Steps

Doggy Steps

Recently a product called Doggy Steps has been advertised on TV. Doggy Steps is a little ramp you can use to make it easier for dogs to go up your couch, bed, or anything else. I wish I had thought of this product when we used to have an arthritic dog who also had hip dysplasia. It made him struggle to get up on the couch. I used to help him get up on it cause he loved to get up on our couch. Doggy Steps can be very useful for older dogs who suffer arthritis. Many dogs also suffer hip dysplasia or will develop problems from it later in life. Our dog’s hip dysplasia got worse as he got older. These doggy steps can help prevent the strain a dog has from jumping up on your couch or bed constantly. This can help delay some of the problems associated with Hip dysplasia, which is a hip joint problem and many dogs have to be put to sleep because it becomes so debilitating for them.

You might have seen the Doggy Steps advertise on TV. They sale them off the Telebrands website. I don’t recommend you buy it directly from Telebrands. Ever since people have been complaining about ordering problems when buying another Telebrands product called Pedipaws, I don’t trust buying it directly from their sites. Instead you can buy Doggy Steps through the Amazon site. It’s a few dollars cheaper at Amazon than if you bought it through the distributor sites and Amazon backs up your order with their A-Z guarantee. I looked around for an alternative dog stairs or ramp product to Doggy Steps, but they were all much more costly. Most were around 60-250 dollars and achieved the same thing as Doggy Steps.

Zoom Groom Review

Zoom Groom Review

The Kong Zoom Groom is a really nice brush for a dog. It’s much better than using an ordinary comb or dog brush. I’ve used one in the past and it was a effective way to get hair out of the dog, but it also does it in a gentle way your dog will really like. Zoom groom is for getting out that undercoat layer, so your dog sheds less. It also helps give your dog’s skin a nice message which helps skin and fur health. You can use the Zoom groom on dry fur or during a dog’s bath. When we gave our dog a bath, we used the zoom groom and found it really helped get out the undercoat and massage his skin. The manafacturer claims it works on both short and long hair, but I’ve only used it on our short hair dog. The price of the Zoom Groom is very reasonable too. You can buy it at, which is a store I recommend. Although the Zoom Groom is a nice brush, I now use the Furminator because it does a much better job on dry hair getting the undercoat out and is easier to use. The furminator is much more expensive, so it may not be for everyone. You can read my previous furminator review.

K9Grass Review


Recently a company has been advertising on TV a product called K9grass (official website is It is made by a company called forever lawn, that already specializes in artifical grass. K9Grass is artificial grass for dogs. My first thought when I saw the commercial a few weeks ago was how could a grass be made specifically for dogs that makes it so much better than your average artificial grass. Well a couple weeks ago, someone I know who runs a kennel, recently installed K9Grass. I now realize that K9Grass has a lot of advantages over installing artificial grass.

K9Grass has a special antimicrobial agents called Alphasan. This is to help prevent an odor and bacteria and other organisms from forming on your grass. Alphasan is a proprietary product made by a company called milleken. Their site says AlphaSan is an antimicrobial additive that utilizes the natural power of silver to protect a wide variety of products against bacteria, fungus, mold, and other microbes. uses a advanced draining system. There is a perforated layer where urine can go through the artificial grass into like a crushed aggregate layer of 3 or 4 inches. One concern I had with when looking at how it was designed, was if the urine and bits of feces that would be absorbed below the grass would just sit inside the aggregate layer and become a foul stinky mess. It appears that it just goes through the aggregate layer and eventually into the soil below. Watering the lawn once in awhile will help facilitate the movement of wastes through the aggregate layer. You can even get a more advanced option on the k9grass, that has a air layer instead of aggregate layer, and have it quickly drain away at an angle below.

K9Grass is pretty expensive though. I really don’t think the cost to reward is worth it over regular grass or artificial grass for your average dog owner. I think it could be a great option more for people running a kennel, shelter, or dog park. Even artificial grass is probably overkill for most backyard situations too. Most dogs will go in the same spots, so if they do kill a spot in your grass often it will be the same areas over again. You could also train your dog to urinate in places where you don’t have grass. The lifespan also is about 10 years for K9Grass, whereas some artificial turf alternatives are claiming longer.

Amazon has a lot of different dog grass turf products too you can pick and choose various sizes

Arthogen Review

Arthogen is a natural supplement for dogs and cats, that treats painful arthritis symptoms. It is one of the best selling dog supplements because it works very effectively. I want to discuss the ingredients and why Arthogen is an effective supplement.

The active Ingredients per tablet in the Arthogen Plus with MSM are: Glucosamine HCI 500mg, Chondroitin Sulfate 200mg, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 250mg, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) 20mg, Vitamin C 33mg, Manganese 5mg. Three of these ingredients; Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM, are all very effective joint healing ingredients. My mom takes these ingredients in her human brand supplements and it’s helped her arthritis tremendously. Not only will these ingredients help relieve joint pain, but research shows they will help improve and even reverse some of the joint problems by actively building back and reducing inflammation at the joint structures. Glucosamine helps build up joint cartilage structure. This is possible since Glucosamine converts to the compound that constitutes most of the structure. Glucosamine and Chondroitin also help relieve pain and increase elasticity in the cartilage, making it easier to move the joints.

MSM also helps strengthen the cartilage and can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis pain. All three of these ingredients work well by themselves, but even better according to research I’ve read, when taken together. That is why I recommend you buy the Arthogen Plus with the MSM included, instead of just the regular Arthogen bottles without MSM added. Arthogen could also be helpful for problems associated with Hip displasia, a problem of the hip joints that occurs most often in many large dog breeds.

Arthogen Plus with MSM bottle sells at

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