24PetWatch Review

24petwatch offers pet insurance for dogs or cats at 24petwatch.com. They used to be called QuickCare insurance. 24PetWatch has a variety of specific plans, so you can pick and choose custom options that you want. This allows you the ability to get the maximum amount of benefits that you desire for the least cost.

24petwatch does not pay for general vet visits or for non-routine dental work. Some plans only cover accidents and some others only cover 1st time illness, while others cover all illnesses and accidents. Only the gold plan covers diseases that are based on heredity factor. Monthly premiums can cost anywhere from 10 dollars to 90 depending on coverage type and the breed of your dog. They will not cover illnesses that were pre-existing right before enrollment.

You dont have to worry about using “network” vets. You can continue to use your own vet while being covered under 24PetWatch. You can also be covered even when you are out of state or go to Canada. They also offer things that most pet insurance dont such as; trip cancellation insurance, boarding kennel fees, coverage for prescription food, microchip discounts and more

QuickCare Pet Insurance Review

QuickCare Pet Insurance provides insurance policies for dogs and cats in the U.S and Canada. Unlike Europeans, less than 1% of U.S residents have pet insurance. Pet insurance can come in handy if your pet comes down with a serious illness, like cancer, or a accident that could cost thousands. Most pet owners can’t afford for the treatments of many serious illnesses or accidents, without pet insurance covering it. There are many pet insurance programs out there, but I believe QuickCare is one of the better ones.

QuickCare Pet Insurance will cover all major diseases, including cancer, and accidents. QuickCare also covers accidental death, and boarding, euthanasia, and recovery costs related to illnesses or accidents. QuickCare won’t cover the cost of general vet visit type work. They strictly cover illnesses and accidents only.

QuickCare’s monthly premium is a little under 30 dollars for many small dogs on their QuickCare Gold 70% coverage plan. There are different policy types you can have, that have different prices per month and coverage levels. The price per month for each individual policy will depend on the dog breed and it’s health. Compared to other pet insurance policies cost per month, it was on the cheaper side. QuickCare has a 100 dollar deductible per claim. Some of the similiar priced monthly premiums on the same dogs from other companies, had a higher deductible (like 200 dollars). Maximum payout per claim on the QuickCare Gold 70% coverage is $3000, but this can be raised if you get a more expensive monthly premium. The 3000 dollar coverage is less than some of the other companies in the same monthly price premium range. However, QuickCare will cover 3000 dollars per category and up to 36,000 total. So, for example if your dog has two illnesses in different categories in his lifetime, he can get up to 6000 dollars of coverage. $3000 dollars will cover most if not all of many serious illnesses and accidents anyways.

A couple of other benefits to Quickcare is that they give you a 5% discount if you get microchipping done through their 24watch program. They also allow you to continue to use your normal vet, so no worries of “network vets”. You can read more at QuickCare Pet Insurance for additional information.

Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Pet Insurance is now fairly common in the U.S.A, with over 1 million now having a insurance plan for their dog or cat. Sometimes a unexpected illness can develop like cancer, where pet insurance allows you to cover the expenses of chemotherapy. Having pet insurance is often the difference between keeping their dog alive with hope or having to put him to sleep because they cannot afford thousands of dollars in bills. Embrace Pet Insurance was started in 2006 and although it is a relatively new company, I believe it is one of the better, if not the best one.

Embrace Pet Insurance will cover all chronic or pre-existing conditions. Some other pet insurance plans will not do that because they consider them a genetic or pre-existing problem. Embrace will also cover accidents, lab tests, chemotherapy, medical scans, alternative therapies, and surgery. If you want your policy to cover prescription drugs or advanced dental illnesses then you have to get optional coverage for that though. Embrace doesn’t cover teeth cleaning or the cost of a general vet visit.

Average premiums per month on for a small dog are about $25, for a deductible of $200 and a maximum lifetime payout per claim of $10,000. You can choose the deductible amount and total claim amount. Actual monthly premium price will depend on the dog breed, it’s health, and the actual policy you choose. Embrace Pet Insurance will cover all pre-existing conditions that weren’t known to already exist before the policy starts. Other companies either charge extra for pre-existing conditions or not at all.

Embrace Pet Insurance is very flexible. They don’t have network vets that you must go to. They also will reimburse your vet bill directly instead of a benefit schedule. I found the customer reps very friendly and up front too. I think Embrace Pet Insurance gives you a lot of freedom and good coverage for the right price.