24PetWatch Review

24petwatch offers pet insurance for dogs or cats at 24petwatch.com. They used to be called QuickCare insurance. 24PetWatch has a variety of specific plans, so you can pick and choose custom options that you want. This allows you the ability to get the maximum amount of benefits that you desire for the least cost.

24petwatch does not pay for general vet visits or for non-routine dental work. Some plans only cover accidents and some others only cover 1st time illness, while others cover all illnesses and accidents. Only the gold plan covers diseases that are based on heredity factor. Monthly premiums can cost anywhere from 10 dollars to 90 depending on coverage type and the breed of your dog. They will not cover illnesses that were pre-existing right before enrollment.

You dont have to worry about using “network” vets. You can continue to use your own vet while being covered under 24PetWatch. You can also be covered even when you are out of state or go to Canada. They also offer things that most pet insurance dont such as; trip cancellation insurance, boarding kennel fees, coverage for prescription food, microchip discounts and more

Dog Bloat

I recently was watching Dogs101 on Animalplanet and they mentioned some dog breeds and would talk about some of their common health risks. They mentioned dog bloat and said it was common among large breeds, like dysplasia. I had vaguely heard in the past about some stomach bloat condition dogs get. I didn’t realize how common and easy and dangerous it is for certain dogs to get Dog Bloat, until I researched further on it. I am glad I did and feel it is important for every dog owner to know everything they can about it.

Bloating of the dog’s stomach called Dog Bloat or scientifically as Gastric Torsion or Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), is a life threatening condition needing quick emergency action. Dog Bloat seems to only effect dogs that are large, like about 60 lbs or so. Certain dogs may especially be susceptible, as a high risk of developing Dog bloat may run in families. It doesn’t appear that anyone has definitively pinpointed all the exact causes of Dog Bloat. The most common held belief is it is caused by eating a large meal and drinking a lot of water and then soon after doing vigorous excercise. Some think it may be also caused by eating certain types of food or ingredients and many other factors. The main thing to know the difference between a dog having Dog Bloat and just a upset stomach or illness is that dogs with bloat try to repeatedly vomit every few minutes, but nothing comes out. That seems to be the most common attribute among all dogs suffering with bloat.

I encourage you to read more about Dog bloat if you own a large dog breed. Here are just a couple sources Bloat in Dogs and Gastric Torsion/Bloat in Dogs. A good dog lover movie you might want to see is Marley and Me that addresses this topic and makes you really aware of it too.

Dangerous Ingredients & Additives in Mainstream Dog Food

The most important thing you can do for your dog is what you feed him on a daily basis. Over the years as I’ve learned more about what is put in human foods I also learned how much worse mainstream dog food.

Most of the common commercial brands you see in your local grocery store are loaded with grains. Dogs are carnivores not omnivores, they should be eating mainly meat in their diet! Grains are a common allergen for Dogs. These grains, especially corn, aren’t healthy for dogs or even humans. Corn and wheat are often contaminated with a natural fungus, so aren’t healthy for human or dog. Years ago, dog food used to be mainly meat, but now it is full of cheap grain and wheat and other things to cut costs.

In the meat they do use, it is inferior meat in most mainstream dog foods. Usually what is leftover of a carcass is what is thrown in dog food. The fatty or indigestable or unhealthy parts of the animal like ligaments or lungs or intestines is the kind of things that are put in dog food. Once again, it is a way to cut cost. It gets even worse, some of those animals have been euthanized and then ground up into the dog food. The drug that they use to kill them pentobarbitol is left in the dog food. According to this news story 43 common brands including Ken L Ration, Kibbles and Bits, Kibbles and Bits Puppy, Nutro, Walmarts “Ole Roy”, Trailblazer, and more had trace amounts of pentobarbitol.

Finally, another way they make pet food even less healthy is by adding dangerous additives like preservatives. Some of them are banned or not even allowed for human consumption by the FDA! None of these pet foods have any organic ingredients free from pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones just like mainstream human food.

You may be wondering what you can do to avoid inferior meats, grain filled dog food that is organic and full of natural ingredients. Well forget all the national brand dog foods. None are good for you. Instead I recommend you check out all the natural dog food’s at Only Natural Pet Store. They only carry natural dog foods, none of the cheap or unhealthy stuff you find mainstream. There are different formulas and types of dog Food, the most expensive brands tend to be the most healthy for your dog, using only organic, whole high quality meat, and grain free.

Pawwws Pet Treadmills

Pawwws Pet Treadmills

Many people in this day and age are getting not only more health conscious for themselves, but for their pets too. Supplements and organic dog foods are a great way to increase the health of your dog. It’s also important to give them regular exercise. They can get the exercise they need from the comfort of your home with the Pawws pet treadmills. These treadmills are perfectly sized for your dog and come in more than one size depending on the size of your dog.

There is many reasons why you may need to get a pet treadmill such as; If you have trouble having enough time to go out and play with your dog, he is overweight, or he is very hyperactive and has a lot of pent up energy, or it is too hot or cold at certain times of the year for the dog to play. Pawwws Pet Treadmills is a great way for them to get a lot of walking or running in these situations. They are the only company that specializes in pet treadmills. You can learn more about Pawwws Pet Treadmills at their official site Pawwws.com

TheDogFoodConspiracy.com – Dog Food Secrets Review

Dog Food Secrets ebook sold at TheDogFoodConspiracy.com is to help make you aware of all the dangerous things added to mainstream dog food and what kind of foods your dog should avoid. I’ve always advocated healthy natural dog food for dogs because for many years I been aware of all the toxic and unhealthy things added to commercial dog food. I bought the Dog Food Secrets ebook online awhile back because I wanted to learn additional information on the issue and because it included many other useful things in its package.

Dog Food Secrets Overview

Dog Food Secrets TheDogFoodConspiracy.com Review

The main ebook is Dog Food Secrets, which is 82 pages long. The book gives a very comprehensive overview of dog nutrition and which foods are best for your dog. I found the book to be an easy read, you don’t have to be a scientist or experienced in nutrition to understand what the author is saying.

In addition to this book you get other things as apart of the Gold package including The Confidential Dog Food Report. This tells you what dog foods sold commercially are dangerous and which ones are considered healthy to buy. The package also comes with a book called 23 Doggy Treats. This will tell you how to make your own healthy and tasty dog treats. You also will get another booklet with 140 dog food recipes to make your own dog food meals. The Dog is a booklet that gives you 436 pages of detailed information on dog breeds. The package also comes with other good recipe and dog information booklets.


I believe Dog Food Secrets is worth the price for only 57 dollars for the Gold package. The knowledge you gain from finding out what dangerous things are in dog food and how to prepare or buy healthy dog foods could add years to your dogs life. There is hundreds of recipes and dog nutrition information and much more. Dog Food Secrets comes with a 8 week moneyback guarantee honored by Clickbank so there is no risk to try it out.

Dog Hip Dysplasia

Our German Shepherd Mix dog suffered from Hip Dysplasia for most of his life. We had always heard that German Shepherds are in particular suspectible to it. Genetics appear not to be the only cause though, weight gains as they grow as a puppy may be another factor.

Signs your dog may be developing Hip Dysplasia

From my personal experience I’m going to list some things I noticed that were caused by my dog’s hip dysplasia.

1) After very vigorous excercise your dog starts to limp.

2) Your dog has trouble getting up after laying down.

3) Your dog has trouble climbing things.

4) Your dog runs with his back legs suddenly in a different way, (i.e, not alternating his back legs properly or favoring one side of his back legs during running).

Treatment of Dog Hip Dysplasia

Dog Hip Dysplasia can become very painful and debilitating so it’s important to look for a treatment if you can. Our dog died of cancer and we didn’t have to put him to sleep because of hip dysplasia, but as he got older his hip dysplasia got worse. I had always thought Hip Dysplasia was genetically caused and there wasn’t much you could do to reverse it once it developed. Eventually we found a supplement called Cosequin, that claimed to help dog arthritis and hip dysplasia. Cosequin really helped my dog’s hip dysplasia and arthritis pain. I was very surprised that it worked as well as it did. If your dog is showing signs of hip dysplasia, I would put him on Cosequin. Ive tried it on my pets and cosequin worked well. Sometimes the hip dysplasia is so far advanced that not even supplements or prescriptions can help. You may need to look into surgery for severe cases, which can increase mobility and reduce pain.

What Causes Dog Lymphoma?

Last year our family dog Rex, started getting very restless at night with heavy panting. He also was drinking a lot and he started losing his appetite for food, so we decided to take him to the vet. The vet noticed a tumour growth in his mouth. We had him stay overnight to have some of his teeth and the growth removed that had been bothering him. The next day we got a call from the vet, that during the surgery she felt some lumps in his throat area and she suspected cancer. I cried that day because I knew he wouldn’t be with us much longer most likely. Test results came a few days later and the vet said it appeared to be positive for dog lymphoma.

Lymphoma is cancer of the lymph nodes and happens in both humans and dogs. You can detect it by looking for lumps in common areas where the lymph nodes are located at. Our dog was already suffering from many fatty tumours throughout his body for most of his life, so it would have been difficult for us to realize he had lymphoma. He had the lymphoma lumps under his throat area.

You have two choices with a dog with lymphoma. Either give chemotherapy or just give him prednisone which isn’t a cure but helps temporarily shrink the tumour. We decided to not pursue chemotherapy because it costs thousands and usually only extends the life of the dog for a few months and our dog was already 11.5 years old. Life expectancy is only a few weeks on average without chemotherapy.

We took Rex home and we decided to try to give him the best time for what he had left. I wanted to fight it and tried everything I could think of to improve his health and maybe somehow fight it. I decided to even give him that prescription food by Hill’s diet, specially made for dogs with dog lymphoma. We also gave him healthy mix of food and vitamins in addition to it. He gave us 3 more weeks of his life. He seemed much better from the prednisone until one day he suddenly lost his appetite. He quickly then got very sick and barfed if he ate any food at all or even if he had a tablespoon of water. He also started getting diarrhea at about the same time. With the advice of a vet we decided it was time to humanely put our friend to sleep. I still miss Rex to this day and that was a year and half ago.

I never thought dog lymphoma would be the cause of my dogs eventual death, but apparently it is a pretty common disease in dogs. Dog Lymphoma seems to be partly caused by genetics because some breeds are more likely to get it. Golden retrievers are the most likely to get it than any other breed. Our dog is german shepherd mix. German shepherds are also one of the breeds that have a higher likelihood than the average dog breed to get lymphoma.

When I was searching for ways to naturally help with Rex while he was alive I started reading websites about how the rate of dog lymphoma has increased by a large percentage the last few years. I recently came across a study that I believe explains why dog lymphoma is even more prevalent. A study done back in 1992 (Cancer Res. 1992 Oct 1;52(19 Suppl):5485s-5488s) says that lymphoma has increased by 50% in the last 15 years. They cite multiple studies where certain pesticides, especially one type in particular, increases risk of lymphoma. They have also cite how dog lymphoma has been associated with lawn pesticide treatments using these chemicals.

I believe strongly that if you want to help prevent your dog from having lymphoma then you have to do a couple things. If you look at commercial dog food it is full of corn, wheat, and other ingredients full of pesticides and none of it is organic. These pesticides are getting in our food supply and causing cancers. I recommend you buy organic foods for yourself and your dog at a place called Only Natural Pet Store. Organic dog foods contain no pesticides of any kind including the meat sources. I also think you should avoid using herbicides or pesticides on your lawn or backyard where your dog plays. You also have to be careful about taking your dogs on walks because it means he will be running through lawns that may contain. Unlike humans, dogs like to rub their nose and fur on the grass etc. when they walk on lawns, so they are more susceptible to ingesting the pesticides than us.

Benefits of Natural and Organic Pet Dog Food

Over the last few years I’ve become more health conscientious and I now look for organic food sources. Organic food is made without any pesticides, hormones, and anti-biotics. Knowing what I do now, I would never give my pet dog the traditional pet foods out there. They aren’t organic and they are full of grain and other preservatives, some additives that are even banned for human consumption. They aren’t banned for “animals” because profit is more important than a dog and no one can look out for them like humans. But to dog owners, our pet dog can become like a human companion and you only want what is best for him like yourself.

Most dog foods have corn and wheat as the first ingredients, meaning there is more grains than actual meat. I’ve read that grains are especially bad for dogs because dogs are made to eat meat, not corn and wheat like they put in dog food in large amounts. Corn and wheat often contain a toxic mold Aspergillus, that grows on it and releases aflatoxins, which are known carcinogens (cancer causing). This is the same mold that commonly grows on peanuts, which may have heard about. Corn is very common in dog foods and is especially susceptible to this fungus. Many times whole crops will be severely infected with it, depending on the weather conditions.

Since it’s hard finding natural and organic food in regular stores I always buy it from Only Natural Pet Store. They have a wide assortment of different types of pet dog foods from different natural blends. You can also find natural supplements, dog care products, and many things there too. If you want to extend the life of your dog, stop buying cheap dog food at wal-mart with pesticides, anti-biotics, dangerous additives, unhealthy grain, and instead find mostly meat based organic dog food. Yes, organic and natural dog food is more expensive, but I think it’s worth it if you care about your pet dog.

Do Animal Computer Chip Implants Cause Cancer?

I recently discovered that chip implants given to rats have been shown to cause malignant tumors in past studies. Chip implants are used in dogs and cats, so if they get lost, a vet can find the rightful owner. There were multiple veterinary and toxicology studies done in the 1990’s supporting evidence that these implants could actually cause dangerous malignant tumors. The FDA has approved the technology, despite this evidence. You may be shocked that the FDA would approve chip implants even for humans with this evidence. You have to realize that the FDA is very corrupt and they allow a lot of unsafe things in our food they shouldn’t. You can read more from a news article on it.

Now some of you dog owners will want to keep track of your dog, but are scared to use chimp implants in your pets after reading this post. The good news is there is a much better alternative to tracking your dogs anyways, called a GPS Dog tracking system. It’s a little box that attaches to the collar and tracks your dogs exact location. Many of the GPS devices for dogs look similiar to the picture below.

There are different types of Dog GPS tracking systems, but with most you pay a subscription per month for the service, usually around 10 dollars. The average GPS tracking system costs about 200 to 500 dollars. When your dog goes missing or leaves a certain pre-defined area than you will get alerted. With most of the GPS tracking system devices you can track the current location of your dog by one or all of the following ways; cellphone, email, internet, and pager.

The downside to these GPS tracking devices compared to the chip implants is that they usually require a monthly subscription and are expensive to buy. However, they are better than the regular chip implants because the implants won’t tell you the exact location of your dog like these GPS tracking devices. The chip implants are only useful when your dog is found by a vet and are checked by their chip reader. The chip implants are not a GPS tracking device. The chip implant only identifies who is their dog owner. The vet must use a chip reader to find out if a dog has a chip embedded in him and then it reads the contact information stored on the chip. A reasonable priced Dog GPS system is the PetSafe GPS Pet Locator sold at Amazon.com

Dog Arthritis

Dog Arthritis is a degernative joint disease that afflicts them, usually when they get older, just like with humans. There is another common related arthritic condition called hip dysplasia. This is caused when the back hip joint starts to painfully detach from the hip joint and it causes a lot of wear and tear and arthritis symptoms at the joint. Hip dysplasia affects certain breeds more than others and seems to be caused by growing too fast when they are a puppy.

Dog Arthritis usually doesn’t become a serious problem until a dog’s later life, but hip dysplasia can become progressively worse starting from the age of a puppy. I had a dog who had hip dysplasia and if he ran too much or jumped up on something, he would start to limp for a while. He had problems with his back hips from hip dysplasia basically all of his life. It gets progressively worse as they get older. Many dogs have been put to sleep because of hip dysplasia that becomes so bad they can’t walk anymore. Arthritis can become so painful for a dog they live in constant misery, some owners decide to put them to sleep. You don’t have to put your dog to sleep because there is many ways to prevent and treat hip dysplasia and general arthritis in a dog.
Treatments of Dog Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia
Arthritis Supplements:

There are many natural supplements on the market for dogs, that work to reduce the pain and symptoms of arthritis and hip dysplasia. I’ve had good success with Cosequin on our dog Rex, who had arthritis and hip dysplasia. The reason why it works is because it has ingredients that are proven to work in maintaining and reversing joint health and structure. It’s important you find a supplement with proven ingredients in the right dosages that is tailored for pets. Even if your dog doesn’t have any symptoms yet, you can supplement them, to help prevent joint problems from developing in the future.

Arthritis Prescriptions:

There is a variety of prescriptions on the market for dogs. I personally don’t recommend the prescriptions because they have side effects and the natural supplements should work just as well. You can see all the various prescription meds for dogs with arthritis at EntirelyPets.com

Diet and Food Choice:

Making sure your dog doesn’t eat too much as a puppy, will help prevent him from gaining weight too fast. This will make him less likely to develop hip dysplasia during the puppy stage. Watching the calories of your adult dog is also important to prevent them from becoming overweight. Overweight dogs will cause painful strain and wear on their hip dysplasia and arthritis. Only Natural Pet Store has high quality low carb dog food to manage a dog’s weight. Low carb dog food can help keep your dog lean. Only Natural Pet Store also has other natural and organic dog foods, which are healthier for your dog in general than most mainstream dog food brands. A dog in better health will have an easier time healing from arthritis and preventing it from getting worse. They have many dog foods that are low to no grains, which mimics their natural diet in the wild. The grains and pesticides and other chemicals in mainstream dog food is not healthy for your dog and is not what they eat in nature. The natural dog foods are a better source of a wide range of vitamins and minerals and other ingredients.


Dogs with extreme cases of Hip Dysplasia or Arthritis may need surgery. This should be a last resort if supplementation and diet changes dont help. Surgery can help restore movement and reduce pain. The earlier you start putting your dog on supplements and a good diet, the less likely you will need to worry about their condition getting so bad you have to resort to surgery.