Dangerous Ingredients & Additives in Mainstream Dog Food

The most important thing you can do for your dog is what you feed him on a daily basis. Over the years as I’ve learned more about what is put in human foods I also learned how much worse mainstream dog food.

Most of the common commercial brands you see in your local grocery store are loaded with grains. Dogs are carnivores not omnivores, they should be eating mainly meat in their diet! Grains are a common allergen for Dogs. These grains, especially corn, aren’t healthy for dogs or even humans. Corn and wheat are often contaminated with a natural fungus, so aren’t healthy for human or dog. Years ago, dog food used to be mainly meat, but now it is full of cheap grain and wheat and other things to cut costs.

In the meat they do use, it is inferior meat in most mainstream dog foods. Usually what is leftover of a carcass is what is thrown in dog food. The fatty or indigestable or unhealthy parts of the animal like ligaments or lungs or intestines is the kind of things that are put in dog food. Once again, it is a way to cut cost. It gets even worse, some of those animals have been euthanized and then ground up into the dog food. The drug that they use to kill them pentobarbitol is left in the dog food. According to this news story 43 common brands including Ken L Ration, Kibbles and Bits, Kibbles and Bits Puppy, Nutro, Walmarts “Ole Roy”, Trailblazer, and more had trace amounts of pentobarbitol.

Finally, another way they make pet food even less healthy is by adding dangerous additives like preservatives. Some of them are banned or not even allowed for human consumption by the FDA! None of these pet foods have any organic ingredients free from pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones just like mainstream human food.

You may be wondering what you can do to avoid inferior meats, grain filled dog food that is organic and full of natural ingredients. Well forget all the national brand dog foods. None are good for you. Instead I recommend you check out all the natural dog food’s at Only Natural Pet Store. They only carry natural dog foods, none of the cheap or unhealthy stuff you find mainstream. There are different formulas and types of dog Food, the most expensive brands tend to be the most healthy for your dog, using only organic, whole high quality meat, and grain free.

TheDogFoodConspiracy.com – Dog Food Secrets Review

Dog Food Secrets ebook sold at TheDogFoodConspiracy.com is to help make you aware of all the dangerous things added to mainstream dog food and what kind of foods your dog should avoid. I’ve always advocated healthy natural dog food for dogs because for many years I been aware of all the toxic and unhealthy things added to commercial dog food. I bought the Dog Food Secrets ebook online awhile back because I wanted to learn additional information on the issue and because it included many other useful things in its package.

Dog Food Secrets Overview

Dog Food Secrets TheDogFoodConspiracy.com Review

The main ebook is Dog Food Secrets, which is 82 pages long. The book gives a very comprehensive overview of dog nutrition and which foods are best for your dog. I found the book to be an easy read, you don’t have to be a scientist or experienced in nutrition to understand what the author is saying.

In addition to this book you get other things as apart of the Gold package including The Confidential Dog Food Report. This tells you what dog foods sold commercially are dangerous and which ones are considered healthy to buy. The package also comes with a book called 23 Doggy Treats. This will tell you how to make your own healthy and tasty dog treats. You also will get another booklet with 140 dog food recipes to make your own dog food meals. The Dog is a booklet that gives you 436 pages of detailed information on dog breeds. The package also comes with other good recipe and dog information booklets.


I believe Dog Food Secrets is worth the price for only 57 dollars for the Gold package. The knowledge you gain from finding out what dangerous things are in dog food and how to prepare or buy healthy dog foods could add years to your dogs life. There is hundreds of recipes and dog nutrition information and much more. Dog Food Secrets comes with a 8 week moneyback guarantee honored by Clickbank so there is no risk to try it out.

Benefits of Natural and Organic Pet Dog Food

Over the last few years I’ve become more health conscientious and I now look for organic food sources. Organic food is made without any pesticides, hormones, and anti-biotics. Knowing what I do now, I would never give my pet dog the traditional pet foods out there. They aren’t organic and they are full of grain and other preservatives, some additives that are even banned for human consumption. They aren’t banned for “animals” because profit is more important than a dog and no one can look out for them like humans. But to dog owners, our pet dog can become like a human companion and you only want what is best for him like yourself.

Most dog foods have corn and wheat as the first ingredients, meaning there is more grains than actual meat. I’ve read that grains are especially bad for dogs because dogs are made to eat meat, not corn and wheat like they put in dog food in large amounts. Corn and wheat often contain a toxic mold Aspergillus, that grows on it and releases aflatoxins, which are known carcinogens (cancer causing). This is the same mold that commonly grows on peanuts, which may have heard about. Corn is very common in dog foods and is especially susceptible to this fungus. Many times whole crops will be severely infected with it, depending on the weather conditions.

Since it’s hard finding natural and organic food in regular stores I always buy it from Only Natural Pet Store. They have a wide assortment of different types of pet dog foods from different natural blends. You can also find natural supplements, dog care products, and many things there too. If you want to extend the life of your dog, stop buying cheap dog food at wal-mart with pesticides, anti-biotics, dangerous additives, unhealthy grain, and instead find mostly meat based organic dog food. Yes, organic and natural dog food is more expensive, but I think it’s worth it if you care about your pet dog.