Zoom Groom Review

Zoom Groom Review

The Kong Zoom Groom is a really nice brush for a dog. It’s much better than using an ordinary comb or dog brush. I’ve used one in the past and it was a effective way to get hair out of the dog, but it also does it in a gentle way your dog will really like. Zoom groom is for getting out that undercoat layer, so your dog sheds less. It also helps give your dog’s skin a nice message which helps skin and fur health. You can use the Zoom groom on dry fur or during a dog’s bath. When we gave our dog a bath, we used the zoom groom and found it really helped get out the undercoat and massage his skin. The manafacturer claims it works on both short and long hair, but I’ve only used it on our short hair dog. The price of the Zoom Groom is very reasonable too. You can buy it at EntirelyPets.com, which is a store I recommend. Although the Zoom Groom is a nice brush, I now use the Furminator because it does a much better job on dry hair getting the undercoat out and is easier to use. The furminator is much more expensive, so it may not be for everyone. You can read my previous furminator review.

FURminator Review

furminator review

Dog shedding can be a major pain. Using a regular comb or brush daily isn’t very efficient way to remove fur. If you want to remove a lot of fur very quickly from a dog, then the Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is what I recommend. I had previously used regular combs, brushes, and the Zoom Groom. I thought the Zoom Groom was pretty good brush compred to others, until I bought the Furminator. The Furminator does a much better job of getting rid of the undercoat fur. It gets rid of some of the topcoat, but mainly the undercoat which is responsible for a lot of the shedding. There is no sharp edge on the comb part of the blade, so it won’t hurt the dog. My dog never seemed in pain or uncomfortable and I didn’t find any redness or skin irritation on his skin. In fact he enjoyed it and wagged his tail when I would bring it out. Our dog shedded a lot less with it, when we used it regularly, so it works as advertised.

There is different blade sizes depending on your dog’s size (small,medium, or large). They also have Furminator models for cats. Make sure you use the Furminator on clean dry groomed fur. If the fur is all tangled or wet or dirty, you should go over it with a regular comb or something else first. You will have to replace the blades occasionally according the manafacturer, when it gets dull. I haven’t had to replace it after hundreds of uses, but maybe I’m having trouble figuring out when it’s dull. I recommend you buy the Furminator through EntirelyPets.com . They have a coupon code FURMSPECIAL15 available that allows you 15 dollars instantly off the Large and medium Furminator. They also have some videos demonstrating the use of the product.

Rapid Bath Review

Rapid Bath Review

The Rapid Bath System is a dog bathing system that recently has been advertising on T.V (official site to purchase it is at RapidBathing.com ). Many dog owners find giving a dog bath a hassle. Older people and those with carpal tunnel or arthritis conditions, have an especially hard time washing their dog thoroughly. It can be tough on your hands and aggravate your carpal tunnel or arthritis. RapidBath does five important things over a traditional dog bath; it makes bathing your dog much more faster, more convenient, less messy, it does a much better job, and it is easier to do and doesn’t require any straining work from your hands.

Rapid Bath can be attached to your showerhead or to a hose and used outside. RapidBath uses a technology called HydroSurge, which is the same patented technology seen by products used by vets, professional groomers, and kennel operators. Although the RapidBath system requires you use their proprietary shampoos in order for it to work, Rapid Bath shampoos are a higher quality shampoo. Most mainstream commercial shampoos strip away natural oils of the skin causing flaking and drying of the skin and are missing many important shampoo ingredients.

One downside to the Rapid Bath shampoos is they don’t have flea and tick control ingredients because the shampoo is highly concentrated, so it would be a health hazard to have it concentrated. However, you can still wash your dog with RapidBath then apply a flea tick shampoo and wash it again. Rapid Bath has a choice of 5 different proprietary dog shampoo formulas, including one for hypo-allergenic and an oatmeal soothing shampoo to help with dry itchy skin.

You can purchase Rapid Bath at Amazon.com at a cheaper price than if you bought it direct through the official manufacturer’s website. They also have a video on Amazon of a demonstration of the Rapid bath. Some of my readers and others on the net prefer the PetJet made by m2pets instead of the Rapid Bath. You can get the PetJet at Amazon.com

Dog Nail Trimming with a Dremel

Dog Nail Clipping with a Dremel

You or your husband might already own a type of Dremel power tool. Dremel makes rotary power tools that are used commercially to grind down things. Dremels also make great alternative dog nail clipping tools to the traditional dog clippers. This is because instead of cutting your dogs nails through clipping, which leads to pain, splintering, and bleeding, a Dremel painlessly grinds down the nails. Many dogs can’t stand regular nail clipping and for some dogs, it is so traumatizing they won’t let you do it. However, most dogs will get used to the Dremel over time. It might take them a while to not associate you using the dremel on their nails with their previous bad experiences with nail clippers.

There are about 3 different Dremel models that are commonly used to effectively grind your dog’s nails. Which one you pick depends on your dog’s size. Large dogs do best on the Variable Speed MultiPro, which has a range of 5000 to 35,000 RPMs. You will want to stay in the 5000 to 8000 RPM range because if it gets too fast your dog’s nail will get too hot and cause him pain. Do not get the cordless multipro dremel because the minimum RPM starts at 10,000 on that model. Dremel also has a Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Tool, specifically for dog nail grooming. That model has a range of 7000 to 14000. The cordless MiniMite model has a range of 6,500 to 10,000 RPMS. Both the Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Tool and the MiniMite model are ideal for the smaller dog breeds.

The Dremel is a nice dog nail clipping tool, but I and many other dog owners prefer another dog nail timmer called the Peticure. The Peticure works on a similiar rotary nail grinding action like the Dremel. The difference is that the Peticure can also catch flying debris and tends to be less of a rough grind. You can only buy the Peticure through their official website. You don’t need to go out and buy a Peticure to have the abilitiy to catch nail debris because the Peticure site sales a Peticure Safe Guard. This accessory can be attached on certain Dremel models. You can read more about my experience using the Peticure in my previous Peticure review post.

You can buy at Amazon.com the Dremel 395 MultiPro for large dogs. For small dogs you want either the Dremel Minimite Cordless or the Dremel 761-03 Cordless.

Where to find Dog Sitters, Walkers, Feeders Online

I used to struggle finding a local person in my town to take care of my dogs. I didn’t know my neighbors that well and they didn’t seem to be too much into animals or people I really trusted. I also didn’t have relatives or friends that lived in the neighboorhood that I could have take care of them. When I looked around I came across Care.com. Their listings are for human babysitters and they also have a special section just for dog care specialist.

Dog care listings on Care.com can help you with finding dog walkers, dog sitters, feeders, transportation, kenneling, doggie day care or overnight sitting. You can search the site by your zip code without registering to see what listings come up. You can see a picture and a short description about them. The benefits come when you register. Registered users can see pre-screened profiles, do background checks on anyone for free, see recorded references, and post jobs.

I highly recommend Care.com if you want to make a job out of taking care of people’s dogs or if you are looking for someone to take care of your own dog. If you are in a small town, you might have trouble finding enough choices even on Care.com, but this is the first site I would check because screening people is so easy to do and more convenient then doing it offline.

Pet Zoom Nail Groom Review

The Pet Zoom Nail Groom just recently started advertising on T.V. You can only buy the Pet Zoom Nail Groom through their website at Petzoomnailgroom.com. Pet Zoom also has other pet grooming products on the market. The Pet Zoom Nail Groom is supposed to gently and painlessly file down a dog and cat’s nails. I purchased one to see how well it works.

The Pet Zoom Nail Groom appears to be a direct competitor to another nail grooming product advertised in T.V that I bought in the same price range called the PediPaws. You can read my previous PediPaws Review. Like the Pedipaws, I found it wasn’t really adequate. You really get what you pay for only 20 dollars, which is a underpowered engine. When trimming a large dog it is difficult to cut the dogs nails. I didn’t try it on a smaller dog breed, but I don’t think it would do that well with a smaller dog either. They give you their Pet Zoom comb and cut as a bonus for free, but if you are looking for a serious dog nail trimmer that’s built to last, you should instead get the Dremel or Peticure.

You can purchase the Pet Zoom Nail Groom at EntirelyPets.com at a cheaper price than if you bought it directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Peticure Review


When I saw the ad on TV for the Peticure (official website at Peticure.com ), I decided to order one. A year ago I had already ordered the Dremel, a popular rotary grinder to shorten my dog’s nails because my dog couldn’t stand traditional nail clippers. The vets didn’t usually do much more than a tiny trim of his nails either. Although the Dremel was a definite improvement over the traditional nail clippers it had it’s cons. When using the Dremel, the debris from the nails would fly all over and it was loud and it skipped over the nails quite a bit.

There is three Peticure models, peticure petite for small dogs and the peticure elite for all dogs and cats, and the Peticure power which has twice the power and is smaller than the other Peticure models. I ordered the peticure elite for my medium sized German Shepherd dog. The vibration that the Peticure gives off made my dog a little antsy at first to want to get near it. It won’t look as easy as the commercial portrays. It will certainly be easier for your dog to get used to it than nail clipping, but it will take some time for him to adjust. The Peticure is still fairly quiet, it just gives off vibration and noise your dog is not used to. The Peticure didn’t really grind down the nail as short as I would have hoped either.

The Peticure is cordless, which makes it easier to use. All the Peticure models include the safeguard, which helps catch nail debris and secure the nail to the grinder. You will have to replace the Peticure filing bands once in awhile. The peticure elite only comes with 3 bands. It’s a bit of a hassle to have to keep going to their website for refills. The price isn’t too bad, you refill 20 more for $14.99. Each band should last a few sessions each, but the money will add up a lot over the long run. Peticure also sales a Peticure Safe Guard by itself to attach to the Dremel, which keeps nail debris from flying when using the Dremel tool nail grinder. The Dremel is a power tool found commercially that some use for purpose of filing their dog’s nails. You can read more about the Dremel from a previous post of mine.

You can order the Peticure on Amazon.com. I recommend buying it from Amazon instead of direct from the manufacturer’s official site because some have had some complaints on their orders through peticure.com and it’s a lot cheaper on Amazon too.

PediPaws Review

Pedipaws review
You may have seen the dog nail trimmer advertised on TV recently, called the PediPaws. PediPaws is a nail grinder that smoothly grinds off your dogs nails. This is an alternative to regular painful dog nail clipping. The product works similiar to Peticure, but at a much cheaper price. Our friend actually bought one a couple weeks ago, so I was able to see how it works.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for because it’s basically a cheap knock off of the Peticure. For those who don’t know, the Peticure is similiar to PediPaws and is also advertised on TV, before the PediPaws. In both the Peticure and Pedipaws, you have a hole you can insert the nail in to choose to grind. However, the PediPaws only has one, whereas the Peticure has many sizes. This makes it more difficult to do large dogs on the PediPaws. The PediPaws also holds less dust and there is some problems with the nail dust clogging.

In the end I lent our friend the Peticure and they could notice a much easier time doing their large dog. They are actually ordered a Peticure for themselves now. The power on the Pedipaws also is a little weaker than the Peticure, making it slower and not as smooth, especially with a large dog’s nails. Even though the PediPaws is cheaper, the difference in price is only about 20 bucks from the Peticure. Therefore, I recommend you buy instead the Peticure or even the Dremel.

You can buy the PediPaws at Petstreetmall.com for a cheaper price than if you bought it direct from the manafacturer’s website. I recommend you buy it only through an independent pet store like PetStreetMall.com or Walmart and not direct from the Telebrands sites (Pedipaws.com, PediPawsTrimmer.com, and PetslovePediPaws.com, etc.) because many are complaining of ordering problems from them.