No Kill Animal Shelters

I was watching a show on animal planet where the dog was taken to a SPCA or some other animal shelter. After saving it from abuse, they decided to euthanize (kill) it because it got a little angry when you put a fake hand during feeding. Sure, the dog is not perfect, but even my dog of 11 years didn’t like it if someone came near his food. The dog wasn’t even a pittbull, so its not like the dog would have killed his owner. It got me thinking that not all animal shelters truly are there to save animals under every condition.

There are animal shelters called “No-kill animal shelters” because they don’t euthanize a dog after a certain time period, just because it is not adopted. This is the usual procedure in all the standard government county animal control sites. The definition of “no kill animal shelter” seems to be a little blurry depending on the animal shelter. They vary in how they handle aggressive or dogs with medical problems. It is very important that before leaving your dog with an animal shelter, you find out their policies on euthanasia.

Some no-kill animal shelters are very good and will take dogs that have been rejected from other shelters and will even help with their medical problems. No Kill animal shelters rely on private donations, so they usually have limited funds and can only take a limited amount of animals. This makes it hard for them to accept dog that have bad medical problems or behaviour problems. Here is a currently maintained list of no-kill animal shelters in the u.s.