Bird Feeders

October 28th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Our backyard is in the city, but it’s sort of like in the country because its adjacent to a ranch and railroad tracks. We have a lot of birds and squirrels that live around our backyard. When our dog passed away the squirrels started to move in and made a home underneath our backyard deck. In fact we had a female squirrel give birth to 12 squirrels that lived underneath our deck. Over time we have fed the wild blue jays and sparrows some bird seed on the ground and they have gotten more tame. One of our blue jays has gotten so tame that he now comes right up to us. So, we can just place the food out on the deck and get him to fly over when we see him. When we leave the seed out after the bird flys off, the squirrel starts eating out of the lid our seed. While its nice to have the squirrel eat some of the birdseed, he winds up eating it all.

We decided to buy a bird feeder similiar to this Birdscapes Fly-Through Gazebo .

The Gazebo is elevated from the ground and you can watch all the birds fly in and out, with more than one bird at a time eating. It’s become a regular hangout for the birds. has a wide selection of squirrel-proof bird feeder for those who want to keep squirrels from raiding the bird seed like happens to us.