American BioSciences DGP Review

July 27th, 2009 by Paul Johnson

American BioSciences DGP Review

American Biosciences DGP (Dog Gone Pain) supplement is for treating dogs with painful arthritis. It also can help maintain nervous system, gastrointestinal, skeletal and immune health. DGP can be used as a treatment or as a preventative measure from developing arthritis and other health problems.

American Biosciences DGP, contains in each tablet Shark Cartilage, which is a rich source of chondroitin sulfate and glycoaminoglycans. These substances play a structural role in joint and cartilage and have been shown in many studies to be very effective. Animals and humans have been using Chondroitin in joint supplements for years now because it works. Even my mother’s joint supplements have Chondroitin in it.

DGP also contains natural enzymes called Bromelain and Papain, which helps naturally digest protein. As dogs get older they have a tougher time digesting nutrients, especially protein. When I was on a high protein diet I used to take Bromelain to help me digest protein better and it definitely works. Bromelain also has a lot of anti-inflammatory symptoms and is used by some people just for helping arthritis problems. DGP also contains a few other anti-inflammatory herbs which can help with arthritis Feverfew, Celery Seed, Boswelia. Boswelia also works as a natural analgesic (pain reliever). They also added Corydalis Root for circulatory health and Cayenne for gastrointestinal health. Cayenne pepper also has other benefits like raising metabolism and good for circulatory health.

As you can see DGP contains all natural herbs, not only help a dog’s joint problems, but can help their overall health. You can buy American BioSciences DGP at, which is a store I recommend. There is also at least 18 reviews left by customers there on who have used DGP, most of which had very good results.

  1. Joe Steadman on July 27th, 2009

    We have used DGP for years with good results with various dogs and different issues. One is a Rott/Lab mix that has bad hip dysplasia his whole life who shouldn’t even be walking. We have had him on DGP for several years and he walks around without issue and without surgery.

    Another was a Westy that was old and both back legs gave out, couldn’t get up, surgery wasn’t an option at his age..15. We started him on DGP and two weeks later he was up and walking, we kept him on it until he passed away.

    Yet another example is a old Shar Pei we had that was getting arthritis, and she had knee problems for a good part of her life. We started her on DGP and kept her on it for several years and her knee stopped popping out and her arthritis symptoms were reduced greatly.

    Sounds like a infomercial I know, but we’re real people who have had many dogs and have used DGP for a long time now, we swear by it.