24PetWatch Review

March 22nd, 2011 by Paul Johnson

24petwatch offers pet insurance for dogs or cats at 24petwatch.com. They used to be called QuickCare insurance. 24PetWatch has a variety of specific plans, so you can pick and choose custom options that you want. This allows you the ability to get the maximum amount of benefits that you desire for the least cost.

24petwatch does not pay for general vet visits or for non-routine dental work. Some plans only cover accidents and some others only cover 1st time illness, while others cover all illnesses and accidents. Only the gold plan covers diseases that are based on heredity factor. Monthly premiums can cost anywhere from 10 dollars to 90 depending on coverage type and the breed of your dog. They will not cover illnesses that were pre-existing right before enrollment.

You dont have to worry about using “network” vets. You can continue to use your own vet while being covered under 24PetWatch. You can also be covered even when you are out of state or go to Canada. They also offer things that most pet insurance dont such as; trip cancellation insurance, boarding kennel fees, coverage for prescription food, microchip discounts and more

  1. Ron on March 23rd, 2011

    I bought a 24petwatch policy about a year ago and due to budget problems was about to drop it. Im glad I didn’t though because my dog came down with a rare blood disorder and requires lifetime treatment costing thousands of dollars. 24petwatch covers a lot of the bills too. I think anyone who cares about their pets should get a policy, so they dont have to worry about money if their dog comes down with a treatable illness.