Arthro-ionx Review

ArthroIonX claims it can help treat arthritis and hip dysplasia for dogs and other pets. As dogs get older, they often suffer from arthritis pain or a problem in their hips called hip dysplasia.

Arthro-ionx is based on something in alternative medicine I don’t believe can work, called Homeopathy. I’ve never been convinced of homeopathy for multiple reasons. The main reason being that even if the ingredients they used actually worked the concentration is so diluted it can’t work significantly. In arthro-ionx the homeopathic concentrations are listed as 10X,20X, and 30X concentration. In homeopathic terms that means only parts per million, which is almost undetectable. A concentration so low that for example, arsenic is allowed in our drinking water at levels much higher than 10 to 30X used in arthro-ionx for the “active ingredients”. Therefore the product is almost virtually just water.

Homeopathy has never really been proven in studies to work either and most people in the nutrition and science community balk at it. Although Vetionx does give a 90 day guarantee for Arthroionx, I say don’t bother with their homeopathic remedy and try FlexPet instead. Cosequin actually uses ingredients that have many studies to back it up and there is no dilution like there is with homeopathy. These ingredients are even used in human joint supplements. The product is specifically for dogs and cats.