I decided to order this UGODOG dog litter/potty product after I got tired of having to let my puppy out to go to the bathroom and having to clean up the poo he left periodically all over the backyard. I like UGODOG cause the dog can go pee or poo in the crate and not make a mess everywhere cause it passes through the grates into the tray. You simply just change the pads underneath and wipe anything off the top of the grate. You dont even need the pads, you can even just empty it into your toilet.

The only thing I needed to do was train my dog to use it. If your dog is older he may not be able to be trained for it but if you got a puppy like me he eventually learned to use it. I would imagine UGODOG is even more important product for someone who lives in an apartment or condo with not much or any backyard. You can order UGODOG at their official site

Arthro-ionx Review

ArthroIonX claims it can help treat arthritis and hip dysplasia for dogs and other pets. As dogs get older, they often suffer from arthritis pain or a problem in their hips called hip dysplasia.

Arthro-ionx is based on something in alternative medicine I don’t believe can work, called Homeopathy. I’ve never been convinced of homeopathy for multiple reasons. The main reason being that even if the ingredients they used actually worked the concentration is so diluted it can’t work significantly. In arthro-ionx the homeopathic concentrations are listed as 10X,20X, and 30X concentration. In homeopathic terms that means only parts per million, which is almost undetectable. A concentration so low that for example, arsenic is allowed in our drinking water at levels much higher than 10 to 30X used in arthro-ionx for the “active ingredients”. Therefore the product is almost virtually just water.

Homeopathy has never really been proven in studies to work either and most people in the nutrition and science community balk at it. Although Vetionx does give a 90 day guarantee for Arthroionx, I say don’t bother with their homeopathic remedy and try FlexPet instead. Cosequin actually uses ingredients that have many studies to back it up and there is no dilution like there is with homeopathy. These ingredients are even used in human joint supplements. The product is specifically for dogs and cats.

24PetWatch Review

24petwatch offers pet insurance for dogs or cats at They used to be called QuickCare insurance. 24PetWatch has a variety of specific plans, so you can pick and choose custom options that you want. This allows you the ability to get the maximum amount of benefits that you desire for the least cost.

24petwatch does not pay for general vet visits or for non-routine dental work. Some plans only cover accidents and some others only cover 1st time illness, while others cover all illnesses and accidents. Only the gold plan covers diseases that are based on heredity factor. Monthly premiums can cost anywhere from 10 dollars to 90 depending on coverage type and the breed of your dog. They will not cover illnesses that were pre-existing right before enrollment.

You dont have to worry about using “network” vets. You can continue to use your own vet while being covered under 24PetWatch. You can also be covered even when you are out of state or go to Canada. They also offer things that most pet insurance dont such as; trip cancellation insurance, boarding kennel fees, coverage for prescription food, microchip discounts and more

Glucosamine for Dogs

Glucosamine is a common ingredient in joint supplements for dogs. Glucosamine is used for healing arthritis and hip dysplasia in dogs. Glucosamine is also in joint supplements for humans too. The reason why Glucosamine is popular for dogs and humans is because it has so much evidence showing how well it works. Glucosamine is the one ingredient that every supplement for treating dog arthritis and hip dysplasia must contain. Glucosamine is the only natural ingredient that can work significantly when taken by itself. Most joint supplements also contain other ingredients besides Glucosamine, that work well in conjunction for even better results.

Glucosamine Science

Joint Cartilage is made up mainly of compounds called glycosaminoglycans. Glucosamine actually can convert in the body to glycosaminoglycans. According to studies, when taking Glucosamine orally, it does increase levels in the body. Therefore Glucosamine can be taken in oral form and does indeed “find it’s way” to the joint. Studies further show that Glucosamine actually does build it back up again if it’s been damaged from arthritis. Glucosamine not only plays a structural role on cartilage, but research shows it reduces inflammation at the joints. Arthritis actually means inflammation of the joints. Reducing inflammation in the joint area can reduce the pain and prevent further damage at the joints. Since Glucosamine can actually convert to the cartilage and reduce inflammation, it should help reverse a dog’s arthritis and hip dysplasia. Studies indicate that it takes a few weeks for Glucosamine to kick in.

Best Glucosamine Supplements For Dogs

There are many Glucosamine based joint supplement brands on the market for dogs. I’ve had great experience with Cosequin. It has Glucosamine and in addition, various other proven ingredients. A good glucosamine supplement for dogs should have more than Glucosamine. When you stack together ingredients you get a better synergistic effect than simply taking more of the same ingredient. Some ingredients are added to work to reduce arthritic pain and others work on different parts of the joint area to give a synergistic effect.

Dealing with a Pet Dog’s Death

It’s been more than a year since my dog Rex died. And I still think of him. I think when you have a dog since you were growing up and he dies it can be a very saddening and traumatic effect, even moreso than normal because it is all you know. Our whole family was really shaken up by it too. We knew that our dog had limited time life because he had lymphoma cancer. I cried that day and many other times. Yes as a man, I admit I cried. We tried to fight it, but his cancer was obviously too advanced and we had to put him to sleep when he got severely sick and stopped wanting to eat about 3 weeks after we found out he had lymphoma.

Putting a dog to sleep when he is terminally sick is such a horrible experience. On one hand you know it is the right thing, but you don’t want to be the one to actually do it either. I don’t see how someone could let an animal suffer though and die at their home if they are really sick. In the end I just think an animal doesn’t know what is happening, so if they are terminally ill and suffering you shouldn’t let it continue.

Most people can’t really relate to those who make a big deal out of a dog’s death. Some people just aren’t the animal loving type for whatever reason. I don’t understand it, but some people just seem to never really care for their dogs or want them. For the rest of us dog lovers, it becomes a family member. Every dog is so different and we love them so much they can never be replaced once they die, just like anyone else in our family.

After a couple weeks when we called the vet she asked if we were getting another dog. I thought that was absurd. Here we are mourning over the current one, like as if getting a new dog is gonna replace or get us over the grieving of the one we just lost. Even more than a year later we still haven’t gotten a new dog for a variety of reasons, including it is emotionally draining. I’m not ready to go through the attachment cycle again, I’ll be thinking of Rex too much. I’m sure there will be a time when we are ready, but not yet.

When your dog dies the best thing to do is just take it easy from work for a few days. Take a vacation and mourn their loss. Get support at a Dog Memorial forum and talk to other dog lovers in similiar situations. Realize it won’t be easy and you probably won’t want a new dog for a long while as you grieve. Don’t worry what people think, you lost your dog not them, so they don’t understand.

MSM for Dogs

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is commonly used for dogs in joint care supplements. MSM is often used in conjunction with Glucosamine, to help treat and prevent arthritis and hip dysplasia for dogs. MSM is also in most joint care supplements for humans. MSM has a lot of research suggesting it works well. There is a lot of ancedotal evidence by health experts, who have given MSM to people with arthritis and it reduced their pain and stiffness.

MSM Science

There is many double blind placebo studies backing up MSM working to reduce arthritis pain. MSM doesn’t seem to do much for reducing inflammation or repairing joints. It is more for reducing arthritis pain. That is why it is best to use MSM in conjunction with Glucosamine. The best joint care supplements should contain Glucosamine with MSM because Glucosamine is the most powerful joint care ingredient out there I believe. Glucosamine converts to the compound that constitutes most of the structure of the joint and it is proven to reduce joint inflammation. Reducing inflammation and repairing the joint is getting at the root cause of arthritis. Arthritis is usually caused by the misdirection of inflammation at the joints causing pain and continuous damage. Therefore, it is suggested to be taken along with Glucosamine and other joint health ingredients like MSM, Chondroitin, Boron, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, etc to work synergistically for better results.

Best MSM Supplement for dogs

I have had great results on our dog using Arthogen Plus. It is a MSM based supplement made for dogs. Arthogen also contains high doses of Glucosamine and a few other great ingredients.

Dog Bloat

I recently was watching Dogs101 on Animalplanet and they mentioned some dog breeds and would talk about some of their common health risks. They mentioned dog bloat and said it was common among large breeds, like dysplasia. I had vaguely heard in the past about some stomach bloat condition dogs get. I didn’t realize how common and easy and dangerous it is for certain dogs to get Dog Bloat, until I researched further on it. I am glad I did and feel it is important for every dog owner to know everything they can about it.

Bloating of the dog’s stomach called Dog Bloat or scientifically as Gastric Torsion or Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), is a life threatening condition needing quick emergency action. Dog Bloat seems to only effect dogs that are large, like about 60 lbs or so. Certain dogs may especially be susceptible, as a high risk of developing Dog bloat may run in families. It doesn’t appear that anyone has definitively pinpointed all the exact causes of Dog Bloat. The most common held belief is it is caused by eating a large meal and drinking a lot of water and then soon after doing vigorous excercise. Some think it may be also caused by eating certain types of food or ingredients and many other factors. The main thing to know the difference between a dog having Dog Bloat and just a upset stomach or illness is that dogs with bloat try to repeatedly vomit every few minutes, but nothing comes out. That seems to be the most common attribute among all dogs suffering with bloat.

I encourage you to read more about Dog bloat if you own a large dog breed. Here are just a couple sources Bloat in Dogs and Gastric Torsion/Bloat in Dogs. A good dog lover movie you might want to see is Marley and Me that addresses this topic and makes you really aware of it too.

Dangerous Ingredients & Additives in Mainstream Dog Food

The most important thing you can do for your dog is what you feed him on a daily basis. Over the years as I’ve learned more about what is put in human foods I also learned how much worse mainstream dog food.

Most of the common commercial brands you see in your local grocery store are loaded with grains. Dogs are carnivores not omnivores, they should be eating mainly meat in their diet! Grains are a common allergen for Dogs. These grains, especially corn, aren’t healthy for dogs or even humans. Corn and wheat are often contaminated with a natural fungus, so aren’t healthy for human or dog. Years ago, dog food used to be mainly meat, but now it is full of cheap grain and wheat and other things to cut costs.

In the meat they do use, it is inferior meat in most mainstream dog foods. Usually what is leftover of a carcass is what is thrown in dog food. The fatty or indigestable or unhealthy parts of the animal like ligaments or lungs or intestines is the kind of things that are put in dog food. Once again, it is a way to cut cost. It gets even worse, some of those animals have been euthanized and then ground up into the dog food. The drug that they use to kill them pentobarbitol is left in the dog food. According to this news story 43 common brands including Ken L Ration, Kibbles and Bits, Kibbles and Bits Puppy, Nutro, Walmarts “Ole Roy”, Trailblazer, and more had trace amounts of pentobarbitol.

Finally, another way they make pet food even less healthy is by adding dangerous additives like preservatives. Some of them are banned or not even allowed for human consumption by the FDA! None of these pet foods have any organic ingredients free from pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones just like mainstream human food.

You may be wondering what you can do to avoid inferior meats, grain filled dog food that is organic and full of natural ingredients. Well forget all the national brand dog foods. None are good for you. Instead I recommend you check out all the natural dog food’s at Only Natural Pet Store. They only carry natural dog foods, none of the cheap or unhealthy stuff you find mainstream. There are different formulas and types of dog Food, the most expensive brands tend to be the most healthy for your dog, using only organic, whole high quality meat, and grain free.

Meet Joey – Anatolian Shepherd, German Shepherd Mix

Anatolian Shepherd, German Shepherd

Joey is a young Anatolian German Shepherd Mix dog, who is waiting for a nice loving home. He is currently located at the Operation Kindness shelter in Carrollton, TX, which is near the major city Irving, Texas.

The dog was obtained along with other 30 dogs from a hoarder and has no signs of aggression. This puppy could be a good find for a family of all ages, who wants to raise a dog for many years. The shelter will also provide microchip and the first 30 days of health coverage for free. You can read the rest of Joey’s profile.

Pet Bounce Review

Pet Bounce is a product sold at They claim to help relieve arthritis pain and other join problems for dogs and cats. They offer one bottle for free. This gives the impression that the product is good since they are so confident in giving away one product for free. However, they make some pretty bold claims and I’m going to answer the question on whether its a scam or not.

Pet Bounce is considered a homeopathic remedy. I have a lot of reservations about homeopathic remedies in general, not just PetBounce. I honestly think homeopathic remedies in general are scams. This is why I gave a negative review on another homeopathic arthritis dog spray called Dr. Franks pet pain spray. The biggest reason why I think these homeopathic remedies won’t work is because the parts per million in the solution is so small, that its basically nonexistent. It’s like one part per millions. That;s what the C and the X means when they list the ingredients in pet bounce. Its very miniscule to basically have no effect on the body. The other reason why I’m skeptical is because none of these ingredients have tons of research backing them up like your traditional joint supplements that I do recommend. Pet Bounce contains Apis mellifica, Belladonna, Caulphyllum, Colchicum autumnale, Rhus toxicodendron, Ruta graveolens, none of which Im convinced are effective join solutions that solve the root problems. Even if they were good ingredients like I said the solution is so water downed it couldn’t work as intended. Its basically placebo water.

In conclusion, I believe they give the free bottle of PetBounce away because the active ingredients are so low that they are basically selling water placebo. They can afford to have a few people not buy Pet Bounce after they give out some samples, if they get a few out of dozens to buy it because of the placebo effect. Also upon further investigation I found out they own dozens of other websites under an affiliate program with a cheap sale type landing page like PetBounce. If your looking for a dog and cat joint supplements that work well, I suggest you look at Cosequin . I have tried it on my animals and have done a lot of research on their ingredients. I go over more detail on dog joint supplements in general on one of my articles on joint supplements for dogs. Im confident Cosequin should work for most people since the ingredients are proven by lots of research, experience, and a lot of them are even used in human remedies.

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